Monday, May 23, 2011

Branching Out In Ocean Park

THE WEATHER FINALLY FELT like spring and the mood was carefree when I strolled the Ocean Park neighborhood in Surrey, BC, last week with a blogger many know in the virtual world. It was fun to branch out and meet face to face with Jen, the creator of Muddy Boot Dreams, a popular site for flower lovers and a gardener’s delight. Jen reveals interesting tidbits about local life and has an extensive knowledge about plants and how to grow them. She also transforms her lovely floral/countryside images into art cards.

I was glad I didn't believe the doomsday folk who said the world would end on Saturday, May 21, precisely at 6 p.m. I would have been much too worried to enjoy our shared passion for photography or to appreciate the surroundings.

There were bursts of greenery to discover around every corner.

We both had our cameras and could not resist capturing the journey.

We must have looked like a curious pair ...

as we snapped pictures along our way.

There were touches of charm tangled around arching gateways.

We walked by sun-brushed leaves that fluttered like flames in the trees.

Kwomais Point Park was nearby so we ventured in, passing the newly reconstructed Kwomais Lodge located on the expansive park property.

Bird songs filled the evergreen forest and bee houses hummed with activity.

Minature daisies scattered along the grassy carpet at our feet.

We paused over Semiahmoo Bay to enjoy the watery view.

The eagle soaring in the distance swayed in our direction as if to say, "While you are watching me, I'll be keeping my eyes on you!"

It was with a fresh jolt of appreciation that I explored the familiar area with my new friend. Although doomsday predictors got it wrong this time, they reminded me it could all suddenly end. It would be a shame to take life for granted and not enjoy this miracle of creation while we can.

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  1. Maria, I had such a great time, and it was a real joy to meet you. And the fact that we live close by, is a total bonus.

    What lovely sights you have on your walk, and the view from the eagle lookout, it still makes my heart soar.

    I showed it to my husband, and a few friends yesterday, they too were as impressed as I was.

    Looking forward to our next walk together.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. So nice for you to meet another blogger and go photo-capturing together.
    Beautiful, beautiful, and I'll get to see it for myself soon!
    Coming out for the Annual Mya and Corina Birthday Party. Might be going to Pender Island with R&C&J&J and Jasper, too. I'd love that.
    Meanwhile, gorgeous photos, making me homesick despite having bought a plane ticket. LOL
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. What a delightful walk and such fun to have a photo friend to shoot with. I love the curious pair you captured. I enjoyed the whole sequence.

  4. Those racoons are priceless!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. It's always so much fun to meet fellow bloggers/photographers! I've been able to do it numerous times over the past year and I've loved every minute! Your photos are superb as always, Penelope, and it does look as though you had a wonderful day -- you certainly got lots of wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty with us! Enjoy your week!


  6. What a nice way of a blogger meetup savoring the joys of Spring. I see a Japanese maple tree with its red colors!

    If I could just parachute over to BC, I would love to have a meetup too!

  7. Beautiful photos - I'd certainly be taking photos if I was there!

  8. What a joy to breath that peacefulness. Love the 'flower' picture most, as it reminds me of home, back in Germany.

    Please have you all a good Tuesday.

    daily athens

  9. Beautiful photos! I especially liked the two...racoons is it...? anyway the two lovely animals :) have a nice day!

  10. I too loved the racoon photo and especially the connection to two wide-eyed ladies recording the stunning world around them during a first walk together. My next two favourite photos were the eagle flying over the sea, and the first one with art and nature mingling perfectly. I am very happy you didn't let doomsday predictions mar a stellar day.

  11. I like your two 'pests photos' - the 2 dandelions followed by the 2 raccoons!

  12. I love architectural shots, so that view of the bay makes my day. Looks like a super outing.

  13. Hi, Maria, may I call you so? How nice to meet a blog friend face to face and share the happy time. Your time filled with “fresh jolt of appreciation” is the time of bliss. We live in uncertainty and imperfection, let’s enjoy each moment even in mundane everyday life.

    Our weather has gotten back to the beginning of April, a bit cold and wet, and I remember the feelings about arrival of spring which is nicely expressed by your photos. The tablecloth and the flowers in the pot beside are harmonious in colors. I see universe in dandelion fluff, don’t you think? A pair of raccoons, flowers, the sea and the sky with the flying eagle..., each and every is lovely. Thank you for sharing them.

  14. glad you had a great outing with your blogger friend. such a beautiful walk with plenty of great photo ops. i enjoy all your photos.

  15. Great captures from your photo walk.

    I guess dooms day was meant to be a joke. :)

  16. It looks like your day was sunnier than mine but I enjoyed my weekend nonetheless. Your shots are wonderful and so much lovely colour. Yeah to Spring, lol!

  17. Sounds like the two of you got along well! How nice that the two of you live so close to each other and that you enjoy each others' company!

  18. Lovely photos as usual, my friend...I adore the racoons! And how cool to meet up with a fellow blogger! I'm so pleased you connected with Jen...I too love her Muddy Boot Dreams. Such a treat that she lives near you...I see many more shared photo excursions to come...:)


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