Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spotting Spring

THE TINY SUNSPOT ON THE PAVEMENT shows the sun did, indeed, break through yesterday for a few hours in a sudden burst of spring. After much wind and rain, people were drawn like magnets to the Semiahmoo Bay area at Kwomais Point Park in Ocean Park, BC.

The horizon is never dull no matter what the weather or season. From minute to minute the sky movements and seashore hues change to reflect the crushing power, mystic riddle and gemstone sparkle of the green globe.

When I got home, even the tiny daffodils had freshly emerged from their deep sleep in the dirt at my front yard. Their bowed little heads and soft stems looked as if they needed a long yawn and a stretch after months of being curled up and completely hidden within the winter cycle of their existence.

You can visit more sky sightings from around the globe at Skywatch.


  1. How wonderful to see Kwomais Park, and the daffodils in your yard.
    Greetings from the other side of the world!
    We're in Amsterdam and soon to leave on our river and canal cruise of The Netherlands and Belgium. I'll be very excited as soon as I get over sleep deprivation and jet lag, LOL.
    Meanwhile, your photos are a welcome breath of BC beauty.
    Luv, K

  2. Beautiful scenes! Love the daffs!
    Happy SWF and enjoy your weekend.

  3. I love the sunspot in the first shot. Beautiful shots and lovely seeing the daffodils, a sure fire sign of spring.

  4. We had that same spot of sunlight yesterday and people all looked as though they were going nuts trying to get out in it! I found myself blinking in the sudden brightness! Wonderful captures and I do love the daffodils! Great post for the day as always! Hope you have a great weekend and, hopefully, some more sun!!


  5. It's great to see the sun. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. It's wonderful to see spring in your part of the world!

  7. exciting to spot the signs of spring after a long winter.

  8. We are way behind you in signs of spring so this is lovely to see!

  9. Oh how I miss the sea.
    It is an ever-changing scene.
    And dafs as well.

  10. Beautiful views. The flowers are lovely.

  11. Oh, this is lovely, Penelope...I got exctied about a similar spot of sunshine yesterday that was far too brief!

    Great photos and a wonderful description of the ever-changing seas and big sky we get to enjoy here in B.C...they do indeed sparkle with all things mystic and ethereal.

    And I loved the little daffodils stretching themselves awake after a long winter's rest!Such a sweetly drawn picture...I could practically hear their tiny yawns.

    Thanks for the lovely start to my day. Have an excellent weekend...:)

    Imagination lane

  12. The daffodils bring beauty hope and colour. Hope you have a wnderful spring in , as I can see from your pictures, a beautiful part of the world

  13. Lovely photos, the scenery and the Kwomais Point park is beautiful. Wonderful skywatch photos. Have a great weekend.

  14. I've fallen behind yet again, Penelope, but loved your last two posts. Your rainbow windsock was spectacular. It occurred to me that its vibrant colours are also reflected in the artwork of your beautiful book. Magical hues radiate through your life, even to the extent that you discover them on rainy days! I especially loved your description in this post of the daffodils yawning and stretching as they wake up to Spring!

  15. Beautiful setting you have and spring is blooming for you already. Ours is taking their time to peak up their blooms. I see the leaves coming up though.


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