Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On Every Path, A Puddle

EVERY PATH HAS ITS PUDDLE is an English Proverb that sounds a little ominous. It suggests that life is never smooth and that difficulties wait around every corner. Life teaches us that when "puddle troubles" appear it is mostly about how we approach the situation. Splashing through a puddle, tip toeing around the edges, jumping over OR floating in the puddle are all options that depend on state of mind and depth of the problem. A puddle is subject to perception and its container.

There are useful puddles such as the one in my backyard birdbath (pictured above) as well as annoying puddles that a loveable puppy can make.

There are also hidden puddles under bridges where wildlife and lily pads grow ... like the ones I could not capture when visiting the Japanese Memorial Garden in Mayne Island, BC.

There are BIG puddles that carry big BC Ferries.

And there are tiny puddle houses where pet fish (like our now deceased Betta) contentedly blow bubbles.

There is the fictional Puddle who feels real and gives my imagination wings.

Often, the puddles we see before us are mere illusions. And sometimes water on the road ahead is a mirage mirroring blue skies on the horizon where puddle-brewing clouds (like these at Crescent Beach) seem to flee.

Visitors can find more puddles from around the globe at Watery Wednesday.


  1. Lovely photos, I love the BC coast, I spent 18 years living there. The scenery was great when the weather was clear enough to see it, but the rain just got to be too much. So now I live in Winnipeg and here I savor the sun that tends to shine almost every day. I love the Winters here so much more than the dreary rainy ones.
    The ocean obviously does not extend this far, but we have several huge lakes that take the place of the ocean, in my mind anyway.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. Beautiful clouds in that last photo, Penelope.
    You're right, a puddle is in the eye of the beholder. Children in rubber boots love them!! Dogs walk right through them without even noticing, unless they're thirsty, in which case they stop to drink. I can't imagine drinking from a puddle, but Lindy doesn't mind at all.
    -- K

  3. Thanks for stopping by Cindy and Kay, I think places (like puddles) are also in the eye of the beholder.:)

    Cindy, I’ve been to Winnipeg and know people who live there. Although my heart is in BC, I understand why you love it. The first time I was there a huge rainbow appeared in the sky. It must have just rained but now the sun shone brilliantly in a very blue sky. I was impressed with the oldest architecture in the city. I saw many ornate solidly designed buildings. The elm trees lining some streets looked massive, resilient and beautiful. Winnipeg is a very good part of the world, indeed!

  4. What a lovely post. The first photo is adorable :-) Autumn love!

  5. first time for me to hear this proverb, and i like it a lot. thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely post and words. Your photos are great, I love the bridge and the one of the ferry.

  7. Lovely - well composed. Enjoyed your puddles.

  8. I love that, "On every path, a puddle"

    How true.

  9. These are glorious shots, Penelope! You've beautifully captured the beauty and diversity of our west coast scenery!
    Aren't we lucky indeed?

    The clouds in the last shot are magnificent. We were in White Rock on Sunday afternoon as the sun began to go down...and I realized I'd left my camera at home. I was not impressed with myself...:(


  10. Lovely photos, never thought of the ocean as being a puddle. It is growing big though. I love those frozen puddles in the winter. :-))

  11. Your photos are beautiful! The first one is my favorite, the reflection of the leaves are just out of this world!

  12. i love puddles, they make the journey more interesting. and i love your puddles here.:p

  13. i love the leaves reflection around the little figurine!

  14. I enjoyed this puddle post. Personally I look for puddles because I'm very fond of reflections. :)


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