Thursday, May 20, 2010

Awake On A Windy Wet Coast Night

THE WORRISOME WIND bent a maple tree branch, which then snagged on the backyard birdhouse constructed on top of a pole where chickadees were nesting. This caused a chirping frenzy from the pair. I cut away most of the branch but the process seemed to trouble them even more … so I left the rest alone.

Now it is later and the noisy night is keeping me awake and wondering yet again how all the bird nests, so carefully reconstructed after the last wind, are fairing. The howling outside sounds out of control and wildly threatening as it rushes through the evergreens. The wind is pushing against the windowpanes and knocking small stray objects against the house. Although I am feeling cautiously safe inside, I wonder about the wildlife that hides in mysterious places during these callous times. I hope the chickadees that seem so frail survive the night.


  1. Oh, Penelope, how I relate! I haven't looked at the osprey nest today. Just going out now, on my lunch break, to see how it fared. I, too, hope your little chick-a-dees' home survived the night.

  2. We have a nest of robins on the outside light fixture on our shed. Fortunately, it is sheltered under the wide overhang of the shed roof, and it faces east, a direction from which we seldom get wind. The prevailing winds here are west, northwest and west, with the occasional south wind. The garage protects the nest from the south, the shed from the west, and the house from the north. Wise robins. They get annoyed with us if we need to go into the shed for any reason, but they completely ignore the dog and she completely ignores them. I hope your chickadees fare well. Chickadees are so cute.

  3. Thanks Kay and Carol! I am happy to say that I just now spotted the chickadees (or their lookalikes?) busily zipping in and out of their birdhouse for the first time since the storm. :)


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