Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Washed In Spring Showers

cleansing in the spring showers this morning.

Just when I thought
I’d need to take out the
garden hose and water the
yard and its flowers, soft rain
scattered around as if kindly
caretakers had come to
nourish the irises and
smooth the uneasy
frown off the
dried out


  1. I've been seeing these beautiful irises in many gardens along my bike route, and appreciate them just a bit more, knowing they have brightened your path as well. Glad to know they are being nourished. I enjoy the rain more, though, when it comes during the evening, after I have arrived home, and after my walk with Black Jack:)

  2. Oh I love your photo of the Iris! I like the way you put your own signature at the bottom of the photograph.

  3. Carol, going to sleep when it rains and waking up to a clear day sounds like the perfect scenario and avoids having a wet pet!

    Stephanie, thanks for coming by. I was inspired to take a picture of the iris after visiting your blog which, incidentally, I've enjoyed since your fabulous former title photo of tomatoes on the windowsill. :)


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