Author Biography

MARIA PAVLIK moved with her family from Montreal to the Southwest Coast of British Columbia as a child. She quickly became captivated with her new lush rainforest environment. Later becoming a freelance writer she produced regular feature columns about the area and wrote in-depth articles on diverse topics. Over the years she covered Canadian literature, local personalities, events, arts, leisure, travel, social issues and animal rights. She also created profiles and other informative material for education and business.

Her past clients and credits include: Kwantlen University College, Art Impressions Magazine, Tourism BC, Maturity Magazine, Pet Animal Welfare Services (PAWS), Prairie Journal of Canadian Literature, Simon Fraser University, City of Surrey, The Elder Statesman and Peace Arch News. Pavlik subsequently instructed courses and developed material for continuing education and self-employment programs on how to write for business. Her teaching credits include: Continuing Education Surrey and Self-employment and Entrepreneurial Development Society (Seeds).

Today Pavlik devotes much of her time to creative endeavors involving an imaginary little character named Penelope Puddle who was first painted as a gift by her daughter Holly. The character allows Maria to expand her artistic urges, merging words with multi-media. Penelope is an original creation that represents the youthful can-do spirit in us all. She loves the BC outdoors where she can travel from sandy beach to snowy mountaintop in a day. Penelope (like her co-creators) thrives in the rainy season when her imagination grows best. Her image can be found in handcrafted greeting cards, a children's book called  With My Umbrella, I Can: The Magical Journey of Penelope Puddle, and two blogs: Penelope Puddlisms: BC Life Is A Whale Of A Ride and Postcards From Penelope Puddle.

Pavlik created an additional line of greeting cards by digitally reproducing her daughter’s handdrawn fairy art copyrighted as BC Fairies. All these illustrations and characters not only reflect the spirit and love of the West Coast, they also show that the drawings kids make for us are, indeed, priceless.

Postscript, 2014:

Maria Pavlik withdrew the (Trafford, 2008) paperback version of With My Umbrella, I Can: The Magical Journey Of Penelope Puddle with light cover and internal wear several years ago. There are possibly previously purchased copies being sold now by unassociated third parties but no such new books are authorized to be produced or distributed.

The author (and originator of this blog) maintains exclusive rights to the book and all future versions of it as well as any other products representing the Penelope Puddle character. Although Pavlik plans to redesign and eventually present the work under different formats, the primary illustrations, concept and storyline will remain unchanged.