Monday, November 28, 2016

A Smile Shared With My Younger Self

A BLURRY picture of me when I was about six jumped out at me when going through a box of old photos. It was before anyone imagined digital and before I imagined how life would unfold. My sister painted over the picture when she was young to give it some colour. We are an artistic family, n'est–ce pas?

I thought about my younger self and how she created the story of her life through the choices she made and the smiles she gave. I thought about the faltering steps, new discoveries, happy and unhappy surprises, wasted worrying, successes and sometimes sad endings and rude awakenings. I thought about the times she postponed joy for some vague future when she wished all would be better. Beyond the dramatic chapters of challenges met and unmet, there are still fresh pages to paint in whatever mood she chooses.

Her older self picked up some lessons along the way from people like the Dalai Lama who said: "Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength." and from a Yiddish Proverb, "What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul." Even actor Alan Alda had wisdom to share. "When people are laughing," he noted, "they’re generally not killing each other."

More smiles less worry is obviously a good thing ... as is channeling the wonder and bright expectations that endured within that little girl.

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  1. What a lovely shot! It -- as well as your wisdom -- made me smile.

  2. Your sister made a good ob of colouring that adorable photo of yourself.

  3. Was it Laurie who painted in those colours? Beautifully done, and a beautiful young you...delightful smile and lovely dark eyes.
    And I can't resist saying how much I love the Alan Alda quotation, which made me laugh, too. (Of course I then think of evil laughs and evil people. Sigh.)
    Love, K

    1. Yes, that was Lorry who did the painting. I guess she was pretending to be one of those artists that did touch ups on black and whites. It's true not all laughter is joyful. When I think of evil laughter I think of a diabolical cackle.

    2. I forgot how to spell her name. Sorry. But she did a great job of it, pretending or not.

  4. Love the "colorized" portrait by your sis who was quite talented! She knew just how much color to add without spoiling the sweetness.

    The Dali Lama quote is wonderful and I should frame it... have missed my Yoga class lately( obviously ) and almost forgot there are other ways to achieve inner peace (at least temporarily) )))

  5. I love the way the past bleeds through.

  6. The innocently smiling image of the little girl when knowing little about life and your recollections on your voyage up to now reminded me of my own. The partly colored photo is like the digital effect of Impressive Art of my camera. The quote from Dalai Lama is so true, I’ll keep it in mind.


  7. What a sweet and creative photo of your younger self and now such enlightenment from you ~ thanks for sharing this ~

    Wishing you a Happy and Fun Week ~ ^_^

  8. Your sister is precious who painted your lovely photo with pretty colors .
    Life comes to us like an empty canvas and we dare to choose what and how we draw and paint over it .our chosen colors make it noticeable in good or bad way.

  9. what a cute picture of you and I loved the self reflecting philosophical notes.
    I wish you a great Christmas and an amazing 2017


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