Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Gift Of Seeing

MY MOM nurtured an unruly tall thistle by our front yard when I was young and even though I begged her to get rid of it she wouldn’t. No one else treated a wild thistle like a cherished rose and, as an adolescent wanting to fit in with a neighbourhood of neatly clipped shrubbery and manicured lawns, this prickly weed was a bit of an embarrassment. Eventually her gift of seeing grew in me and I wholeheartedly could agree with her view and Albert Einstein who said, "Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift."

The thistle I recently photographed along the shoreline at Crescent Beach, an invasive species in parts of British Columbia, reminds me that within the plant's thorny existence is an untouchable nobility.

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  1. Your mum was a wise woman. Lovely shot.

  2. Wonderful photo and I know I would have enjoyed your mother very much. Thank you for your sweet comments about my father-in-law's passing. So very much appreciated by all our family, as I know they will be read and will bring comfort.

  3. Hello, Wonderful picture of the flower of thistle;I love its purple color♪ Your mother must be a sweethearted lady. And the quote is impressive, as well.
    Sincerely from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  4. I'm with your mom. Beautiful shot of the thistle.

  5. I've always thought thistles were pretty, and thorny dangerous. I've ventured out into the field to capture the beauty of the flowers they produce, but they do get bushhogged down fairly quickly around here. I tried to find a place to comment on your other blog, but didn't see where. Have a blessed day!


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