Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cracked But Not Broken

THE EARTHQUAKE last Tuesday in Italy is yet another example of the fragility of existence.

I created digital art (left) for Earth Day and am re-posting it now, suspecting but not knowing to what degree humanity plays a role in agitating earthquake prone zones.

Warring factions disregard how interconnected the planet is and how exploding bombs in one area can destabilize the underground in another. In this age of conflicts, our earthly home can seem as breakable as an egg shell being tapped by a multitude of spoons. (Postscript September 3, 2016: See how fiddling beneath earth's crust to produce oil and gas also plays a role HERE.)

The loss of precious life, and the historic buildings that survived the ages yet now crumbled into ruins, is heartbreaking. A tourist in Italy once, I was awed by its beauty, historic importance and strong resilient people. May they find strength now and support from around the globe.

Later in the week I took a solitary walk through Kwomais Point Park in South Surrey to clear my thoughts. Birds were chirping in the forest and, for the moment, everything seemed right with this part of the world.

Boundary Bay is at the path's end. The sun brought sparkle to the water that recently changed from gray blue to greenish and more tropical aqua hues. Perhaps this has something to do with warmer sea temperatures and how algae is growing. You can read about it HERE.

A sweet lingering fragrance from a forgotten bouquet was at a railing overlooking the scenery. People like to get married at Kwomais Park this time of year and I wondered, since relationships can be fragile too, if the bride and groom together will find the integrity, compassion, humor and resiliency needed to withstand the challenges sure to come their way.

I visited Elgin Heritage Park with my husband at the end of the week. This was a great place to to see the seasonal changes. Summer is clearly on its way out and autumn is beginning.

A sailor who found no breeze to move his boat pedaled rather than paddled along the bordering Nicomekl River.

A spider caught in a sunbeam was rebuilding its web yet again.

Continuing our walk throughout the park it seemed to me that, yes, there are cracks in life but the spirit does not have to be broken.

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  1. Hello, my thoughts and prayers go out to the earthquake victims in Italy. Your images are so pretty, looks like a lovely walk. I love the views of the water. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. Beautiful shots. Prayers to earthquake victims in Italy and Myanmar.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  3. I love the flowers and the bay - such natural beauty in your part of the world.

  4. A moving and thoughtful post ... my heart goes out to Italy and to the families in the middle east who are suffering from the effects of a most disturbing war. Our earth teeters on the edge of catastrophic changes and man ignores it ... in USA we have people who deny it. Life is scary in this day and age. The comfort zone that I grew up in has vanished and I often feel like we are walking on eggs. I hope we all survive it. I don't mean to sound gloomy ... I do know there is much to be grateful for as well and I try to focus on all of those wonderful things :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Italy has my heart in so many ways. A thoughtful and very poignant post.

  6. The latest earthquake in Italy has saddened me as much as if it were my own experience. With the life’s uncertainty in my mind, I wouldn’t take the small pleasures in mundane life for granted. As always I was attracted by your heartfelt and thoughtful writing and photos. My favorite is the cobweb in the light.


  7. Lovely nature shots!

    Such terrible loss of life in Italy.

  8. Excellent post and stunning shots!

  9. Sometimes it is hard to see how the light will ever get through those cracks. Thank you for the reminder that it does.


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