Monday, June 6, 2016

Painting A Brighter Future For The Planet

HOW CAN you not love this little guy? The endangered Western Painted Turtle was just one of the unique creatures featured during World Oceans Day celebrations at Blackie Spit Park in Crescent Beach.

The global initiative to promote a healthier planet came to local beaches this Sunday. Tents were set up and there were many displays by naturalists and environmentalists. We saw how eggs are nurtured and covered with wire to increase the chances of turtle survival.

Plush toy animals were for sale as fundraisers. I didn't check to see whether the markings on each toy was different from the next. Nature's creativity knows no bounds and, like fingerprints, each live painted turtle evolves with a different pattern on its underbelly.

The Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society brought a falcon (above) to the event. The majestic bird had lost its eyesight while the monkey-faced barn owl (pictured below) permanently lost the use of its wing. The caring organization adopted the creatures in need.

It was early when my husband and I arrived. People were just starting to trickle into the event. The morning sun was already sizzling up the sea and sand and there was a party atmosphere.

Musicians and singers were warming up ... exercising their lungs and voices, filling the air with their jubilant sounds.

I snatched a few seconds of song from the folks below ...

and made a very "mini movie" out of it. Since I don't know the name of the group, I call them the Three Musical Musketeers.

On my best days I feel like Mr. Bean does in the inspiring comedic clip (below) from a movie. Check it out, it will surely make you smile:

The scene, enriched by the voice of French composer Charles Trenet, stars a gleeful Mr. Bean who is not at all desensitized to the wonders of the world that some people are so passionately trying to preserve.

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  1. I LOVE turtles :) what a colorful an artist's painting!

  2. I so love turtles! Fantastic post and beautiful photos!

  3. What wonderful creatures! Love that turtle.

  4. I haven't seen that clip before. Hilarious.

  5. I didn't know “Nishiki-game” (Japanese name of Painted turtle) had various similar but different interesting patterns on its underbelly. If I had known its English name, I’ve had wondered why it is called “painted”. So sad to know the falcon’s beautiful eye can’t see anything and the owl can’t fly. I enjoyed the video.


  6. Great post and I loved the turtle, such pretty markings. Your bird photos are great too (happy to hear they are well looked after) and the others very enjoyable.

  7. Oh the turtle is so colorful and wonderful! I like how you take the time to frame each photo and put a soft edge on it. You really spend time on making each photo perfect! I like the bird photos also.

  8. Sweet Mr Bean. I feel like him too sometimes. I have Florida neighbors who question my sanity when I walk around taking pictures of the sky or a butterfly or a tiny plant. But I'm never happier than when i'm doing exactly that kind of thing! The love of nature and the preservation of the sea turtle is a wonderful think to celebrate. Thanks for sharing the party!


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