Sunday, February 21, 2016

Love Who You Are

HEAVEN and earth melded into one shimmering gray curtain at Crescent Beach during a walk soon after Valentine’s Day. It seemed the holiday inspired an anonymous Samaritan to leave a second message of good advice in a tiny shell by the beach. It read, "Love who you are."

Nestled in the grass by the engraved stone at my feet, the pearl of wisdom painted in the shell was as easy to miss as it can be challenging to follow.

We often reserve the right to love ourselves only after we achieve the ideal image of what we wish we could be.

The pretty little seashell was a random reminder that even with flaws, self-acceptance is the key to a more satisfying and wonder-filled life.

I took pictures (posting one at the sidebar) and left the hand drawn treasure for the next person who strayed off the path to discover.

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  1. Such wonderful pictures and what a treasures shell with so much wisdom. Yes we should accept ourselves just as we are and like Leonard Cohen sings "There is a crack in everything, that's where the light get in" Hope all is well with you :)

  2. Love these photos, an absolutely delightful post.

  3. That egg is lovely and I like the message in the egg shell - not so easy to achieve.

  4. Wonderfully creative photography and what a lovely message to find for you and to share ~ thanks!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  5. great photos, just getting back to blogging so kind of out of the loop

  6. Great find ... A quiet beach is always always filled with treasures to be found and photographed, and this was fun and different and carried such a great message!

  7. Nice to find this message when you walk out in nature. Someone cared enough to leave the shell note I wonder why it is so hard to love who we are.

  8. Wonderful photos! Love the last one of the birds on the fence.

  9. What a lovely message and painting in the seashell! It looks like having been waited to be found by someone like you, Penelope. Every person is “Only One”, no comparison with others. I am grateful to my parents who brought me up to accept myself with my weakness and mistakes by their unconditional love. Thank you for sharing your nice find.


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