Thursday, February 25, 2016

Beneath The Full Moon

BENEATH the wires, roofs and trees I felt small marveling at the full moon recently. Darkening clouds veiled the moon as it hovered over the street like a sleepy eye looking dreamy in the nighttime sky.

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Postscript, 26/02/2016:
I belatedly dedicate this post to Ontario blogger Tina, also known as East Gwillimbury CameraGirl. I am sad to say that she and her husband, Tom, passed away suddenly in an automobile accident on February 22nd.

EG brought light, beauty and “glitz” to every scene with her words and pictures. I will miss her presence dearly.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Love Who You Are

HEAVEN and earth melded into one shimmering gray curtain at Crescent Beach during a walk soon after Valentine’s Day. It seemed the holiday inspired an anonymous Samaritan to leave a second message of good advice in a tiny shell by the beach. It read, "Love who you are."

Nestled in the grass by the engraved stone at my feet, the pearl of wisdom painted in the shell was as easy to miss as it can be challenging to follow.

We often reserve the right to love ourselves only after we achieve the ideal image of what we wish we could be.

The pretty little seashell was a random reminder that even with flaws, self-acceptance is the key to a more satisfying and wonder-filled life.

I took pictures (posting one at the sidebar) and left the hand drawn treasure for the next person who strayed off the path to discover.

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