Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sometimes You've Just Got To Look Up

IMAGINE HUNDREDS of kites along the beachfront, each with unique hand-drawn pictures, flitting up to the sky like birds.

Busloads of kids were pulling the strings and having a wonderful time during their Crescent Beach field trip.

Dry warm weather and a steady breeze provided the perfect venue for the art show unfettered by ceilings or walls.

The airborne paintings took wing in place of the usual seagulls.

Kites dotted the horizon and flickered like pale distant stars.

They were jittery and as challenging to capture with my camera as the monarch fluttering about the butterfly tree nearby.

Eagles overseeing their realm were no doubt taken aback by so many people and featherless flyers.

It was tricky for some kites to avoid getting snagged in bushes and branches.

Continuing to cast my gaze upward, I spotted silver tinsel stuck in a hole on the siding of a house. Perhaps it was put there by a small bird nesting. Or maybe the owner wanted to attract new tenants to the birdhouse.

Its wind-strewn dance and sky reflections were mesmerizing.

My photos do not do justice to the day. The sun-touched tinsel glittered like a cluster of diamonds and the swarm of kites transformed the sky into a Dali dreamscape.

I would have missed so much had I not looked up.

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  1. Great kite shots. We have the annual Father's Day kite flying down at one of our local beaches happening on Sunday. I hope to get down there to capture some shots.

  2. Wonderful captures and beautiful skies for the day!! I do love the kite shots!! Hope you have a great, fun weekend!!

  3. What a fun activity, and a great photo op!!

  4. Hundreds of kites flying like birds in the blue sky must have been spectacular. I like kite-flying with my grandchildren. Going out, looking up, and photographing the things which capture your heart is a healthy activity. My favorites are the first, the sixth, and the eighth image.


  5. What a fun time for the kiddies and adults. Love the kites, butterfly and the cool shot of the eagles. Great post! Have a happy Friday and weekend ahead!

  6. Your day was beyond amazing! I wouldn't have known where to look -- up, down and all around, everything is beautiful. Of course I love the eagles. The butterfly on the lilac bush is breathtaking!

  7. Do you know that I envy kids who could fly kites? When I was a kid, I easily get frustrated when I'd ran and the kite doesn't fly. Perhaps it's time to try it again :).

  8. Lovely post have a happy day, here weather very hot and no wind,best regard from Belgium

  9. Happy national day, from Belgium


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