Monday, May 4, 2015

The Art Of Not Being Penny-less

HAVE YOU gotten out of bed with a big yawn and a stretch and a niggling feeling there is something important you forgot that needed your attention yesterday? Oh, yes … that gift for someone special that you still did not get. It is a dilemma we all have faced, including Penelope who is only six years old and penniless.

That is the start of the story accompanying another set of watercolour pencil drawings my daughter gave me several years ago for Mother's Day, complete with original font for the prose. Penelope's Gift of Time: Because No One Can Fill Your Shoes is from a child's simple perspective while the motivation behind the theme is mine.

During my walks, I often see the very elderly or ill accompanied by uninterested strangers. Tiny tots are ignored by nannies and parents who are lost in their cellphone screens. The Penelope story is about discovering nature's true gifts and being fully engaged with someone near who deserves attention.

This is the second in what I expect to be a growing series featuring the Penelope Puddle character and her small sidekick umbrella that takes on a best-pal role. In fact, I have big plans to evolve the umbrella's "personality" in future. I just need a few more decades of time in which to do all that I want to do with the concept and art.

Although I no longer get them as gifts, I have a wealth of Penelope drawings tucked away to play with whenever I find the time. An upcoming visit with my daughter for Mother's Day will give me a chance to thank her again for providing me with an always welcoming friend that absorbs my imagination and never accusingly asks, "Where have you been? What took you so long?"

Postscript May 11, 2015

A soft light glowed through the glass at a restaurant we randomly walked into on Sunday for a Mother's Day brunch. When we were seated, I noticed a sign on the wall over my daughter's head that read, "I don't eat my friends."

The Heirloom Vegetarian served up a plate of food that turned out to be one of the tastiest meals I have eaten anywhere. The vinaigrette on the super fresh salad was laced with the perfect amount of tang and the creamy sauce, spiced with a bit of seaweed powder, melted beautifully over the mouth-watering nutty meat substitute. The exceptional flavours sweetened our conversation.

As the reflection on the window from the outside shows, the day was not cloudless. So I was amazed that the sky still cast a wonderful glow.

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  1. Wow - those drawings are fabulous!

  2. What charming drawings and story! Your daughter is very talented.

  3. beautifully done these drawings!

  4. The drawings have such character. Keep your imaginative juices running. Your daughter must be delighted with her input on your writing.

  5. What a nice mother’s day gift from your daughter! The e-book made of your daughter’s drawings and your story is a priceless return gift to your daughter’s heart.


  6. I'm glad to have found your blog through a comment at Mille Fiori Favoriti. I'll be back to read more.

  7. I like this concept so much Maria ... I bought it and can't wait unti we get back to Oregon to share with my daughter and granddaughter and maybe even her little boys . Except that my great -grandsons are at that "www girls" stage ! ).
    My daughter and grand d have talked often about how sad it is to see kids being ignored as their parent plays with their phone ...I see it all the time too. I hadn't thought about the elderly thing you mention, (tho obviously that should be of more personal concern to me ;))) )

  8. Your daughter has a lovely simple style! And I love the story idea!

  9. What a great story, love those drawings,

  10. Your drawings are an absolute delight and the message is clear. What better way to get it across with Penelope's Puddlisms. How lovely to spend time with your daughter, and it is so nice that there are now more options for vegetarians and vegans. I was shopping in a local town recently and saw that they had a Vegetarian restaurant just opened up. Next time I go through there I am going in to have lunch. Yours looked delicious.

  11. What a great post. I love the drawings and story.

  12. Oh my, we have GOT to try Heirloom Restaurant. I checked out the menu and the description of their vegan dishes has my mouth watering! As for Penelope, you are right that your daughter gave you a wonderful gift in those drawings, but I'd say you returned that many times over in your beautiful encouragement of her talents. This mother-daughter project now translates into a gift for all of us. In my mind, you are so much the Penelope of your stories that I sometimes forget your real name. I think of Penelope pretty much every time I see an umbrella, but also whenever I see an upbeat, adventurous, sweet-spirited person.

  13. A thoughtful post that I have enjoyed.


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