Thursday, February 12, 2015

Matters Of The Heart

SHUFFLING through my archives in search of hearts for Valentine’s Day, I found this picture of the symbol carved into a fence at Elgin Heritage Park. I am not on the fence about heart shapes. I like the artistic representation that I assume is a simplistic replica of the physical version. The beating heart has long been written about as the centre of human emotion and love.

I remember my mom helping me cut out paper hearts, complete with cute sayings, destined for fellow classmates in elementary school. Some children got more hearts on their desks than others causing embarrassment to those who were less popular. It was all about the numbers then and, a bit like in the current digital age, a gathering of followers.

It became clear in later years that Valentine’s Day was largely a commercial venture compelling people to prove their love for one special person on one special day.

But "where there is life there is love" said Gandhi who showed how paper-thin passions can evolve and grow like flames on candles lighting dark corners.

Although the jaded heart might say there is little love left in the world, there is plenty of evidence it is still around and that a heart found matters. My dad who passed away when he was relatively young gave me a trinket that I attached to a bookmark I made. His meaningful gift from decades ago is an inspiration to believe in love.

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  1. Be still my heart! Lovely post for Valentine's Day...or week. I'm deeply touched that you still have the heart your father gave you and that you have attached it to a bookmark.

  2. I love the heart on the fence, great find.. And the trinket heart from your father is a nice treasure.. Have a happy day!

  3. I love the hearty fence and the heart your dad gave to you. Wonderful memory!
    Have a fine day and
    a happy Valentine's day

  4. The heart on the fence is a lovely find from the archive and I like the way you use the priceless heart trinket from your father. In Japan, Valentine’s Day has been one of the biggest annual events for lovers and confectioneries, but things is changing this year. Many lovers tend to avoid special setting like Valentine’s Day and people buy chocolates or make hand-made sweets to their family members out of love. In the company, it’s becoming the past thing that women felt bitter to make their boss sweet with their chocolate gift. Your nephew’s family might have felt puzzled why so many chocolates of various different brand compete selling at this time of the year in Japan.

    Thanks for your revisit. Regarding the kite, F might have wanted to fly like birds above her or like a kite herself. I’m not sure, but who knows?


  5. a lovely fence catch and a very sweet heart from your father. :) thanks for linking in!

  6. WHat a beautiful heart from your father. I'm with you - where there's life, there's love - every day and not just on a special day.

  7. Such a neat fence carving.
    For me V-Day is about celebrating love for everyone that is dear to me. Not just a sweetheart. I love that you have a treasured keepsake from your dad. I have a wall hanging that he bought for me that hangs on my computer room door.

  8. Happy Valentine's Day! Great post.

  9. This is a wonderful post for Valentine's Day, thank you so much for sharing this touching part of your life.

  10. Memories to treasure for sure from your father. Love the heart themed post for Valentines and the wonderful images.

  11. The bookmark and the story behind it are really beautiful. I have a Good Luck charm that my late dad gave me and I still take it with me when I interview or go places where I have to make critical decisions. I am so happy I stopped by your blog today, Penelope!

    Have a Beautiful Day!

    Peace :)

  12. The "trinket" sure touched my heart today. Think how far your father's love has traveled, as you share it with us! And yes, there is plenty of evidence of a whole lot of love in the world, and all the more important for each one of us to pass that on, no matter how small and insignificant a difference we feel our contribution makes. Beautiful post, Maria! Thank you!

  13. I "heart" this whole post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories (and what a lovely idea to use your dad's gift in that way).

  14. It's great to read this post, we must have gone to the same school...LOL. In mine it was all about the numbers too.

    Hope that spring is fast approaching your part of the world.



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