Monday, October 6, 2014

Wading Into E-Book Waters

WE ARE ALL busy but do you ever feel you could do something different or more with your days?

A little like this sandpiper wading in familiar puddles instead of distant shores, I put off learning how to make an eBook out of a children's story I am fond of that I wrote years ago.

They say it takes five minutes for authors to put their work on Kindle ... any kid can do it. But minutes stretch into hours and hours stretch into days and months when a learning curve and procrastination are at play. I needed to push through the "ugh" hurtle of doing something new and "technical" and instead welcome the challenge. In the process, I realized the piece needed revisions.

Well, I finally did it! Promotion "double-ugh" is now the key and an even greater challenge for me. It is so much easier to expound on the work of others than my own.

I truly baulk at jumping up and down and saying, "Over here! Look at me! Look at me!" Is that a Canadian thing?

This short story includes only two pictures that have nothing to do with birds. The imagination will take wing, however, in what really is an illustrator's dream.

The allegorical tale shows how confidence can build and solutions emerge during scary situations. I wanted the fantasy to be humorous and interestingly enough told for adult readers as well as children to enjoy.

The idea stems from a real-life green sofa I once had that reminded me of a leafy head of lettuce because of its hue and rounded edges. It had a big gap at the back where loose change and other objects disappeared.

The completion of this project has put me closer to another goal. I expect the Penelope Puddle story with its multiple illustrations will be a more formidable formatting challenge for an eBook.

I do feel a little more prepared now that I have gotten my feet wet with Couch and Company. If you have a second, you can check out the book on Amazon HERE.

Postscript to answer a question in the comment section from non-Kindle users: Amazon gave me a link where Kindle Apps for different products, including iPads, can be downloaded for free by opening an Amazon account. I do not have a Kindle or iPad and it all sounds a bit “techie” but the link is HERE.

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  1. I would love to read it but I don't have a kindle. This may be a silly question but can you read it on an iPad in some way? Is it transferable is what I'm asking I guess :)

    Congrats on getting this published. I read about the story on Amazon and it sounds fun.

    Loved the photos by the way.

  2. congrats on publishing your book, Maria! I started reading it but I do not have a Kindle. I wonder if it will be suitable on my iPad.

  3. Thank you for that great question, Denise and Stephanie, that I have no answer for right now. I will look into it and if I find any answers, I will add it as a postscript of this post. :)

  4. Congratulations, Maria! After reading the description of your eBook at Amazon, I'm thinking you must have a fabulous imagination! I hope your book does very well.

  5. Fantastic shots of the beautiful birds and congratulations on your book. I don't have kindle yet.

  6. Maria, I'm so impressed! Making it through the procrastination hurdle is huge, the book looks like a winner to me, and your self-promotion was exactly the right tone. Not pushy. Not retiring. Just honest. I'm going to put the book on my kindle as soon as I can (no wireless here) and then I'm going to figure out how to send it to my sister as well. Bravo to you!!

  7. Oh, Congratulations on your book! I'll have to check it out.

  8. Oh that is fantastic Well done I lost my kindle but will buy a new one as I
    loved it When I have that sorted I will be excited to read your book

  9. Dear Penelope - I had thought what you’ve been through, and hope nothing wrong and wished you and your families good health. Now that I understand the reason of your absence on this blog and your great accomplishment, I’d like to say congratulations. The world of the green couch sounds fantastic. I’m not so confident but didn’t I have a glimpse into it somewhere on this blog a few years ago? Wish all will go well with you and the e-book. The sandpiper is charming. Lastly thank you for commenting always when you were in the middle of such a project.


  10. Wow! Congrats on publishing your book, Maria! Wonderful shots!

  11. Congratulations Maria (I guess I should no longer call you Penelope :>). I love my Kindle and I will look for the book as soon as I can. And congratulations. Wow.


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