Monday, August 11, 2014

Sun, Sea & Cycling At Jericho Beach

THE WEATHER could not have been more ideal on Sunday when my daughter and I took the new bike path to Jericho Beach located in the Point Grey area of Vancouver.

Having recently revived my childhood interest in cycling, I appreciated the lovely wide path clear of vehicles along much of the route that was interspersed with flickering views of sparkling water amid heritage and new homes.

I read that the beach was called Jerry's Cove after Jeremiah Rogers, a successful local logger, before morphing into Jericho decades later.

The sugary light brown sand seemed super fine and free of pebbles.

Colorful umbrellas dotted the shore.

There were views of the North Shore mountains as well as the unnerving and ever-present barges used for carrying cargo amid Sunday sailors and paddlers.

These two women (above) had their own cargo to contemplate as they pulled their weighty beach paraphernalia closer and closer to the shore.

Some people brought their own sparkly elements to the beach. This windsock swayed with the slightest breeze and glinted like strings of gold jewelry in the sunlight.

The atmosphere was surreal and the bicycle ride back along the new path energizing and free of the usual traffic concerns thanks to the city of Vancouver and the people who live in the area who saw their neighborhood transformed to accommodate cyclists.

I was so busy soaking in the view and peddling that I did not take one picture of the smoothly paved road on which we traveled.

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  1. You captured lots of interesting sights on your bike ride. I thoroughly enjoyed all your photos.

  2. Beautiful scenery to see again through your lens. One of my old haunts when I used to live in Vancouver.

  3. Treasured moments spent with your daughter! I so approve of towns that make it a pleasure for cyclists to ride their roads and paths.

  4. Beautiful beach and so neat to be able to ride your bikes there! In a normal year, this would be my kind of place. This summer is decidedly not normal for us and there is quite a contrast with my current world. (Just looking at your beautiful pictures warmed my toes and nose!)

  5. You photos conveyed scenes of happiness and joy.

  6. Very creative shots for OWT and you had such fun bicycling ~ so glad !

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Beautiful shots. Looks like a great time.

  8. What fun, happy photos and what a delightful bike trip for you and your daughter!! Looks like a perfect day to me!! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty!!

  9. What a lovely place to ride you bike.. The beach and scenery are beautiful. I like the kite! Great shots, have a happy week!

  10. Is that the path that they were making such a fuss over on the news? What a fun ride, a day at the beach...


  11. Yes … I believe it is, Jen. I have talked to folks who voted against the bike lane but now are very happy that it happened.

  12. What a delightful day out!

  13. Oh goodness! How did I miss this wonderful post? Such a familiar and loved spot through your eyes became even more magnificent! I loved the colourful umbrellas! Bill and I can't really spend time on the beach as dogs are not allowed, so this is a view we don't get to savour close-up. The second photograph with the windsock and the reflection (?) was especially intriguing. I didn't vote against the bike lane but after commuting for many years without it, wondered if it was extravagant. Now, I love it. We'll have to ride it together soon :)

  14. Always something to photograph at the beach.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  15. I’m back from Obon holiday. So nice to know, Penelope, you regained young spirit and enjoyed pedaling with your daughter to the beach. As for myself, I don’t feel like pedaling under the sultry weather of my region. I think it was good for you not to take a picture on your way because you feel comfortable feeling wind on the bike but once you stop you break out in sweat. I like the way you showed people enjoying their own different pastime at the beach.


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