Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Marquee In Ocean Park

SPRING EXCITEMENT and humor were evident at the entranceway of a local nursery that reopened its doors after a long winter's nap.

I could not help but smile when I saw the marquee that read, "Spring is here! We are so excited we wet our plants."

The signage expresses what many feel by the end of the season that holds so many more dark hours than bright.

With most provinces experiencing unusual snowfalls, the only white shades that people want to see now are the first blossoms of spring.

Fresh showy petals make plant lovers giddy when they sprout as if out of nowhere on dormant stems and trees.

They are not exactly the same blooms that gave us joy last year but their beginnings are a sign that life, even when out of sight, is still stirring and backstage waiting until called upon to reappear.

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  1. That's a great sign, albeit overused everywhere.

    Love the tree.


  2. Usually illuminated trees look uninteresting in the daytime but this tree is lovely with the artificial flowers with the light bulb at the center. North America as well as Japan seems to have experienced much more snow than usual year. Because of the intense and prolonged cold, blooming of some species of plants is delayed but wintry landscape has gradually brightened up as you saw on my post. Yes, there are new life waiting silently and unseen for spring to come. Sooner or later you will be in all the glory of spring.


  3. Great sign! I just it would warm up a bit. Tired of being cold.

  4. I do love that sign -- I even posted it on my blog a few weeks ago! We're having some lovely days, but they're supposed to end tonight with rain and wind and chill temps returning. Ah, well, a few of us made the most of the beautiful weather while it was here!! Have a great week!

  5. That is a funny sign and the spring shots are beautiful.

  6. We are desperate for some spring weather. We might have to resort to flower light strands on our trees, too. I bet those look pretty at night.

  7. Good to see signs that can bring a smile to one's face.

  8. Love that sign! It's still snowing here.

  9. A funny sign! And wow - glorious spring blossoms!

  10. Lovely to see all these signs of Spring. Someone certainly does have a great sense of humor at that place. Great post :)


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