Sunday, January 12, 2014

What Would You Do If You Found Money?

DURING MY TREK up a familiar grassy knoll on New Year's Eve day, I spotted something a bit unusual. Although I am used to seeing lost coins along Crescent Beach trails these were two (or more) ten-dollar bills placed neatly into a rain soaked log.

I left the money untouched but questions whirled in my mind. Was this a candid camera moment to see how many people would take the bait? Or were these bills simply tucked into the only object on a barren hill that would serve as a paperclip should the person who lost the cash return to the trail?

Was a note of explanation folded in with the money? Could this be the drop off spot for a mysterious purchase or exchange of some sort? Was this part of a treasure hunt scheduled for a party later? (The only treasure hunt I recall is the one my husband dreamed up decades ago with an engagement ring at the end.) Or was this a random gift for anyone who happened to pass by.

Would most people walk away empty handed but with as many questions as I have done? With inflation perhaps the amount did not seem quite enough. Yet if it were a penny I probably would have picked it up and considered it luck.

A few days later the log looked washed out in the sunlight. The cash had vanished and was replaced by a morning frost that was melting fast.

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  1. That does make you think doesn't it...well we can only hope that the rightful owner found it again.



  2. That is unusual. I'm like you in that I would have picked up a penny or any change lying on the road for that matter but I would have left the neatly placed 10 dollars or more.

  3. I would have left it there too. One time while walking on Granville Street near west 6th, I saw a big pile of bills, bunch of 20's, 10's and some 100 bills with loose coinage lying on the sidewalk. I walked right by it. It was not mine. Interesting post and makes one think twice as to what to do with seeing money clipped into a log like in your photo.

  4. Of course I'm not surprised you left the money alone, but someone here asked, "How much was it?" and I told him you hadn't touched it.
    If I've heard the story of the treasure hunt with an engagement ring at the end of it, I've forgotten. I can forget anything. Maybe some day I'll remember to ask you to tell me.
    Meanwhile, we just enjoyed a nice visit with one of the daughters, her husband, and two of our grandchildren. Lindy was in her glory, being hugged and cuddled and having her tummy rubbed. A good time was had by all.
    Luv, K

  5. Oh, that IS interesting! I wonder how long the money was there before someone took it. Hmmm.

  6. I would have left the money there too ~ great photos and great post ~ thansk, carol, xxx (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Oh, interesting indeed!! I have the same questions the EG does!! How fun!! Love your captures!! Hope you have a great week!!

  8. I would have left it too, for , hopefully, the person who lost it. Would hate to think inflation has risen so much that penny would have to be replaced with a ten dollar bill in the verse my grandmother taught me "find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck."

  9. Out of curiosity I just might have picked it up to see why it was folded that way. It was a deliberate act by someone and now we will never know the reason!

  10. Hmmm, a real mystery. I, too, would have left it there, hoping the owner would return.

  11. Perhaps it was a random act of kindness by someone?

  12. Now what would have been really fun would have been to add another note and then watch what happened, I like you would have been convinced that I was on some TV show!!!
    Interesting post, I enjoyed it very much!
    Wren x

  13. In the old days I probably would have left the money there. But the way it is folded and peeking out leads me to think it might have been a random act of kindness though I'd certainly check around in the vicinity first looking for cameras ("Just for Laughs" kind of camers), lol or in case, anyone around was the rightful owner.

  14. How interesting to see money tucked in a log. It is nice to pass it by and think perhaps someone desperately in need found it. When I see coins (in the USA) I smile and think "In God we trust", which is on each one. Then I walk on by leaving it for the next person. Each coin is a reminder of in God we trust. What do Canadian coins say?


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