Saturday, September 28, 2013

Letting Go To A West Coast Autumn

I HAVE been partial to autumn as long as I can remember. There is something ancient about the fall air and how it creeps back into daily life like a rediscovered suspenseful novel that gives you a chill.

Cozy scarves and sweaters return to the forefront of closets and it is the start of neglected umbrellas popping up more often in BC.

The natural world becomes more animated. Leaves start to curl and pull away from their branches. They bounce along the streets and gather in corners on windy days.

The ocean waves at Crescent Beach are more sudsy and buoyant and, when clouds clear, the sky hues sometimes turn the water an iris blue.

Luckily, I like the extra rain that falls and how it makes the sunny moments more precious. There are more puddles to step into such as this one (pictured above) that reminded me of a heart during a recent walk.

I do miss the longer daylight hours. But sunsets turn brighter shades of yellow and orange to dazzle the eye in autumn. At Kwomais Point Park I discovered a dramatic battle of contrasting colors one evening.

It is that time of year when essentials such as benches at Elgin Heritage Park get repaired for the soggy months ahead. It is that time of life when memories get foggy and we forget where we dropped off our hats.

Although plants are fading, the jack-o'-lantern in my garden is boldly back.

I know gray and brooding days are coming but right now flowers are still blooming thanks to the muggy hot summer we just had.

Sadly the hydrangea cannot last. But by clearing a path and letting go of the past autumn paves the way for new beginnings that one day will be grasped.

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  1. I’m partial to autumn, too. You described your sentiment to autumn in such nice expressions and photos, Penelope. Here is a Japanese saying that “autumn with the sky clear and blue, and horses growing stout”. In my part of the world, Nara, it is the season of morning mists which assures sunny daytime. The scenery is still like summer but the air changed cool and crisp which makes up for the muggy summer.


  2. I love all the seasons in the year as each has its own charm.
    I love the jack o lanterns Never saw them The dramatic sky is absolutely beautiful. Here it rains more in spring than in autumn

  3. I love the idea that we are about to pave the way for new beginnings. That's such a positive view, one which I can embrace.

  4. Lovely photos and post. The flowers are gorgeous! Happy Autumn to you!

  5. I do so agree with you and EG!! I feel exactly the same way about being about to pave the way for new beginnings!! It is indeed a positive view and we all need those!! Wonderful captures and a wonderful post for the day!! Thank you!!

  6. Beautiful post and photography and great sky shot for OWT ~ happy week to you ~ enjoy ^_^

  7. A wonderful, uplifting post Penelope. That sunset is superb and I do like the puddle! Thanks for sharing and wishing you a fabulous Autumn week. (I, too, am a great fan of that season - for both the visual displays and the cooler temperatures)

  8. What gorgeous shots. I agree with you - autumn is a lovely time of year!

  9. A beautiful description of Autumn.

  10. Wow that shot of the sky is truly amazing


  11. Wonderful shots. I love autumn too.

  12. Despite the soggy weather it's still beautiful there. Lovely shots, and I enjoyed seeing beach life reflected in the water.


  13. Beautiful images, and very much fall!

  14. I love the way you describe this time of year. Your photos are gorgeous.

  15. I like the idea of sea being "iris blue". It makes me think of all the different colours you see in an iris. They are a flower I love to gaze at.
    Yes, the flowers seem to really blaze at this time of the year. Often they last quite a long time, even into November, which makes winter seem a bit less tedious.

  16. You know you're a true PNWesterner when you love Autumn and find hearts in puddles! And when you find so much beauty and color in the season. Thank you for sharing it.

  17. Oh, I love autumn too. Your shots are delicious.

  18. Getting caught up with your blogs. Autumn and spring are my favourites. Summer here is too hot, and winter is bitterly cold.
    Your photos are beautiful, but my memory is so bad that when the comment page displaces the blog page, I can't remember what I liked best. I do remember a heart-shaped puddle, and a hydrangea (which can't survive out here).
    If you meet Jasper on one of your walks (or any other member of my family) please pass on a hug from Auntie Kay.

  19. Do you think somebody took the bench and left a hat!!

    Does not seem like a good swap if you ask me!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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