Sunday, September 15, 2013

Caught With A Snap At Elgin Heritage Park

HERONS can frequently be found at Elgin Heritage Park where I recently spotted this handsome character.

The bird lurked slowly and methodically by the shore of the Nicomekl River. It had an unwavering stare and a long beak shaped like a sword or (in my world) hedge clippers.

The bird's legs were as thin as reeds.

As it diligently stalked something in the water, I was stalking it from behind the prickly brambles hoping to snap some pictures from up close.

The heron's reflection bobbed a bit in the gently lapping river. I wondered how life looked to the creatures beneath the water and if they mistook those skinny legs for branches or marshland grasses.

The bird hunched over ...

at times seeming more focused.

Its long neck quietly curled back ...

into pillow-soft shoulders.

Skulking in its feathers the way Dracula might do in a cape ...

the bird suddenly plunged its beak into the cool river.

Despite wiggling and flapping the small silver fish was snapped up and swallowed in an instant. From swimming in a shallow pool of water to being snatched for lunch, the fish served as a cautionary tale.

Expect the unexpected, things are not always as they seem and (because the next moment is unpredictable) the time to dive deep into life is probably now.

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  1. Wonderful observations of the heron’s hunting. You snapped the moment of heron’s snapping up the fish.


  2. Wow, these are fantastic shots of the heron and I love how you capture it capturing the fish.

  3. Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Delightful narrative! How true that we ought to be on the lookout - expect the unexpected.

  5. Love those long-legged birds and you did catch him with his mouth full!! Terrific!! Have a great week!

  6. Great shots of the GB heron! Looks like a little fish for such a big bird. Maybe just an appetizer. Have a great week!

  7. Wow! Fantastic photo shots of the GB Heron ~ beautiful!
    carol ^_^

  8. Very nice, and it didn't worry that you were taking it's photos?

    Great shots.


  9. You managed to get up so close to the heron. Wonderful shots!.

  10. Those close ups are amazing. Such a great series of shots.

  11. I love your heron photos, especially the one with the reflection, and the close-up of its neck, and...well, they're beautiful and I could almost imagine myself down at the Nicomekl with you.
    Luv, K

  12. very nice set of pics of the Great blue. :)

  13. Great series... you were as patient as the heron waiting to get the perfect shot as he snapped up his lunch. Fabulous pictures; they're such wonderful birds.

  14. oh I love herons and your pictures are beautiful I love the on with the fish in the beak Great shot

  15. Just a few words in recognition of the heron’s favorite dish … hope the fish had some swishingly good times before it met its end.


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