Monday, June 3, 2013

Focusing On A Positive Picture Of Life

PEOPLE undergoing a CT scan at the new Jim Pattison Outpatient Care Centre in Surrey are treated to an imitation sky that can produce some genuine optimism. Up there the sun is always shining and there is never a dark or gloomy day.

The calming scene over my husband’s head when he had a scan there recently was a pleasant surprise that gave him feelings of contentment … so much so that he was inspired to call me in to take a photograph of the magical ceiling.

What images and thoughts have been swirling through your mind lately? Bomb blasts at community events, a meteorite (large enough to have its own moon) hurling too close to the earth, tornadoes, killer diseases, and all sorts of heart-wrenching personal stories start each news day. This steady diet of disaster told through visuals can drain the joy right out of life.

I don’t want to bury my head in the sand but, on the other hand, there is something to be said for taking time to soak in the scenes that are serene in our world … whether by getting immersed in the tranquil skies at a medical facility or at Crescent Beach where my husband and I later enjoyed a walk.

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  1. I doubt I will have the same calming experience on Friday. I will be having a ct scan. Beautiful image.

  2. What a calming scene to see while getting a CT scan and the other shots are also beautiful. I hope you husband's scan was good news.

    When I get PET and CT scans I don't have a ceiling like that but I try to go to the botanical gardens which is near by when I go to the UNC Cancer hospital and the art museum park is near the Rex Cancer hospital. Both hospitals also have gardens on site which helps. I haven't had active cancer in years but scans tend to be anxiety producing and it helps to fit in a beautiful place when getting them.

  3. The reason I blog is to keep reminding myself that serenity and beauty still exist! I do listen to the news (I'm not quite such a Pollyanna as my blog makes me seem), but for me the blogs that celebrate nature, beauty, peace are my favorite!

    Hope the pleasant surprise of the ceiling is an omen for only pleasant news from the procuedure.

  4. The view from the ceiling, which is beautiful and soothing, is an imitation sky? At first, I thought it was a real view from the skylight. I’d like to have a skylight myself in my bedroom.

    Natural disasters and human evil never cease to treat us harshly, but the glorious beauty of nature never cease to sooth us neither. I like the wild grass and flowers along the roadside and the grass-eye-view in the third.

  5. Loved the pier pictures on your postcard blog (both above and below)... couldn't figure out how to comment there.

  6. I really couldn't agree more. Here in England we've had almost unbroken grey skies and chilly weather for ages, but suddenly the sun is out and it feels like summer. It makes such a difference.
    The idea of the "sunny sky" is so imaginative. It would be wonderful to have such a thing at home!
    I hope your husband's CT scan had a good result.

  7. That certainly is a great scene to look at during a scan! What a super idea!

  8. I thought that sky in the first picture was really the sky! It definitely is a soothing, happy picture for people to see when they are in the hospital. Sometimes we don't watch the news just to get a break from the negativity...too depressing.

  9. You are so right! The beauty of the world can restore us.

  10. I love the ceiling they nice to have a calming scene in a hospital so that your eyes can at least pretend to escape. The photos you took at Crescent beach are really really pretty also.

  11. That's amazing...was it painted?

    How wonderful of them to think of patients and do something nice.

    Hope all is well.


  12. I completely with you. Very important to take in the beauty. The scenery on the roof is fantastic and relaxing indeed. Hope your husband is OK?

  13. Thanks for your question, Marja … this was his second exploratory CT scan due to a nerve/muscle disorder that popped up months ago and has been difficult to resolve.

  14. Fabulous idea for patients having a scan. It is indeed a lovely sky scene.
    I thought I recognized Crescent Beach in your next photos. Can hardly wait to get there.
    Luv, K
    PS: I don't watch the news. Every now and then Dick will bring something ghastly to my attention, and it never does me any good.

  15. Penelope, a wonderful picture the first one. I love it (the color, the geometry, the meaning...).


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