Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why Is Skipping Down The Lane Just For Kids

WHAT IS WRONG with grownups skipping down the road the way these cute kids did at Crescent Beach recently? When did it stop being okay?

I am allowed to jog, run and walk briskly but if I started to leap ahead bouncing on one foot and then the other I would likely get some strange reactions.

When my daughter was small I had the freedom to skip because I could pretend it was she and not me who wanted to travel this way down the road. Now she is all grown up I need to borrow a kid in order to skip. Otherwise, people would think I have lost my mind.

Although the stretching and hopping motions are natural and helpful to the development of growing children, I am tempted to try it as an adult ... perhaps when no one is looking. Life feels lighter when the body is buoyant and when skipping with complete abandon it is impossible not to smile.

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  1. I'm glad you and your feet feel up to the task of skipping down the lane.
    I love the idea of it, and would happily join you in theory, but not in an actual lane.
    Dick and Lindy just got back from their walk down by the coulee. They met a new dog—a chocolate lab, and saw a wild rabbit, and had a tummy-rub in what's left of the snow. One of these days I'll be able to join them, and after that, perhaps I can skip down a lane with you.

  2. A few years ago, I was on a country road, no one around and I started skipping. It felt so freeing and wonderful. You are right, people will think we are odd for skipping along on the sidewalk. Great post!

  3. Totally agree. I'll skip secretly with you.

  4. Skipping along the lane.... I was forgetting about it. I’ll skip to the nearby park with my 2-year-and-4-month granddaughter even when she can’t skip. She likes to mimic and eventually she’ll do it.

  5. I agree with you, and I am likely to be seen skipping occasionally and sharing swings with the kids; after all it's just fun.

  6. I like to skip too, and sometimes do so in private places. :))

  7. I used to skip with my daughter even when she was a teenager. I still skip sometimes. Great post.

  8. That is so true....

    We would stop and stare if we saw you, wonder why that is?


  9. I love skipping! When I run, I get out of breath almost immediately but skipping is like floating through the air. It's great.


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