Friday, December 7, 2012

The Secret World Of Puddles

DIPS IN THE ROAD and potholes make wonderful puddles where I wander. These random cavities filled with rainwater are usually shallow and fun to jump into if you are very young or a kid at heart.

A puddle can be touched by the sun and reflect its surroundings or be murky and unfathomable.

An inch of water or a deep well … it is sometimes difficult to tell.

The face of a puddle can ripple like a circus mirror or be as placid as a sheltered pond in the forest. Images within puddles are illusions that look similar to the outside world but are a little more fluid and enchanting.

A puddle can vanish the way a dream does upon waking ... taking cities, country lanes, skies and trees right along with it when we are not watching.

I took these photos at Crescent Beach where there are often lots of puddles and reflections to explore.

Although pockets of water are common world over after a steady downpour, it should be noted that this South Surrey community is situated where both Boundary Bay and Mud Bay flow. The ground elevation ranges from 0 to 3 meters above sea level. The area is surrounded by a dyke system should those puddles get too extreme. Most recently the high groundwater levels were addressed with a drainage pump located at Blackie Spit Park.

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  1. The truck is very impressive : it looks just like some Godzilla ready to crush the secret world of thet very puddle... ;)

  2. You're so right, so much treasures can be found in puddles for those who know how to look into them! Beautyful catch!

  3. Ah, the secret world indeed!! And what perfect puddle reflections for the day they are! Wonderful captures as always! Have a great weekend!!

  4. Creative, and a very good post for Weekend Reflections!

  5. That last puddle even had some blue sky in it. Anything that can clone blue skies these days is a bonus :) I loved the fiery red tree in the first one as well. Each puddle yields up treasures and as you say, can steal them away before you know it. All the better that you captured them so beautifully for all of us.

  6. I love these thoughts abut puddles! I very much enjoy your creative thinking.

  7. Penelope,
    I am a puddle sucker and a reflection sucker. looking at a reflection in a puddle, I start to wonder if there is an another world under water.
    I love the last photo especially. The reflection in the puddle looks like an entrance to a magical world. I feel as if I were drawn into it!!
    All of your puddles are enchanting!
    If I wore rubber boots, I would enjoy to make splashes and ripples on a puddle.
    Have a great week.

  8. You caught some great reflections in those puddles. Beautiful shots.


  9. Fascinating take on something we see every day. I specially like the first one where there is the reflection of red leaves.

  10. I love the reflections you caught in the puddles.

  11. I think puddles are put their for the amusement of children and the profits of detergent manufacturers!

    I can help but agree on your comment - who needs an assault rifle? And the stated desire to own one should result in automatic disqualification from ownership.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  12. Hi Stewart, That is an astute observation about those puddles!

    About the tragic event that is on so many of our minds. I said a little more about it here.

  13. The first is so beautiful with red and other colors.

  14. Happy Christmas, Penelope. All the best in the new year.


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