Thursday, September 6, 2012

Go Fly A Kite At Crescent Beach

FEW THINGS GRACE the sky as prettily as a kite. This summer at Crescent Beach I saw many designs but this slender one resembling a snake showed personality plus when it was let loose in the clouds. Someone held the strings but its moves, bending to the will of the breeze, had a style all its own.

Up it went to the cheers of the family below.

It wiggled and squirmed as if wanting to go beyond the cloudy mist.

It showed a sleek and majestic side as it rose higher ...

and grew wings to flap futher upward like a bird.

It did some belly flops when the wind currents were strong ...

and stood on its tail like a friendly dolphin leaping out of the sea.

At times it seemed as if it were free.

But pushed by the breeze ...

and pulled by the strings ...

it was forced to the grassy ground by the shore ...

until it found its way back up again and would not be kept down.

Go fly a kite means "get lost" sometimes. Not a bad idea! Choreographing a kite seems like a great way to unwind. More grownups are releasing their stress this way and are having more fun than the kids.

I can easily see a kite dancing in the wind with me pulling its strings. Such images and themes inspire me to dive into life a little more and to go with the flow amid the twists and turns. If I am not here for a while perhaps that is exactly what I am doing.

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  1. What a delight watching the kite flying in the beautiful sky. I loved this sequence.

  2. Beautiful images, I think I would have been mesmerized watching.

  3. Such a terrific post and photos for the day!! A delight to watch indeed! So colorful against those lovely skies! Thanks for sharing the fun! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Love your captures of this kite! So free:)

  5. Great captures, beautiful colors!

  6. I like the colorful kite against the blue sky.

  7. I love the whimsical use of photos on the kite, very colorful against the blue sky.

  8. Kites bring out the child in me. Great shots!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. Oh wonderful to see these colours dancing in the sky.
    Aroha and all the best, marja

  10. How free and comfortable! The kite looks having its own soul... till being pulled down by the string. Your words are perfectly fit to each pose of it, penelope. I haven’t seen a kite of this long form till now. Is it the family’s original or popular in your area? Nice pastime feeling the wind, looking up at the blue sky on the beach.

  11. Hi stardust, this appears to be a store bought kite. I don’t recall seeing one as long and sleek either. Usually they are wider and outstretched like a bird. But this one (shaped more like a fish or eel) can fly just as well!

  12. Hello Penelope,
    We've been on Salt Spring Island for a week, and I haven't been blogging, or checking blogs as regularly as usual, but I'm glad I saw your beautiful post. I do think you would make magic with your own kite, but in the mean time, you sure did show this one of in all its splendour. Whether against puffy clouds, plain blue sky, or rich green grass, it absolutely danced off the page, taking on a new, but always colourful, personality with each shot.

  13. Hello, again. I’m so impressed with this eel-shaped kite. The movement is much more enjoyable to see than bird-shaped kite, though the latter makes me feel more flying into the air. To read your comment, I searched on the Net and found there are many various imported kites. I couldn’t find that eel-shaped but found “Parachuted Children”, “Skippy the Dog” and “Sky Diver” also interesting.

  14. Great skyward photos. I would love to fly kites, I've never tried it but live in an area with lots of wind so I should give it a go!

  15. I could spend ages watching kites drawing patterns in the sky, specially thin ones like this. Your post set me to imagining them...

  16. Beautiful pictures, kites are indeed magical. I have always found the expression go fly a kite confusing, because is is said as a derogatory remark, but flying a kite is quite the opposite.

  17. These are absolutely the perfect pictures for you to have on your captivating and magical as Penelope herself!

    I think it's time I bought myself a kite and had a play at the beach, don't you...:)

  18. I think every week should contain a period of kite flying! The world would be a better place if we all did this!

    I'm not sure how much of the colour in my Dubai skies is due to pollution and how much due to dust from desert.

    Stewart M - Australia


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