Monday, July 9, 2012

Charming Couple Visits West Coast Of BC

THE UMBRELLA AND RAINBOW PURSE were inseparable. The pair belong to my friend Kay from An Unfittie's Guide To Adventurous Travel who visited the West Coast recently. I couldn't help notice that the inanimate objects at her side had vivid personalities all their own. They looked as comfortable together as salt and pepper and peaches and cream and reminded me of a happily married couple.

The umbrella hovered over the purse handling it with care. "Keep searching," it seemed to say.

"I am sure your keys are in there somewhere, dear."

Wherever the adorable pair stopped, the purse beamed as brightly as a pot of gold. And the Monet inspired umbrella leaned into a hug as if to say to the people nearby, "We missed you and think we will stay for a while."

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  1. What fun to get a visit from Kay and I love the umbrella and purse. Your narrative is always wonderful too.

  2. Your posts are a delight!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Great umbrella love story.

  4. What a delightful post for the day indeed -- as always! And how fun to have a visit from Kay! I'm sure you both had a wonderful time! Enjoy your week!!


  5. And a lovely combination they are! My daughter (who is ten) just bought herself a colorful purse. I bet she wouldn't mind an umbrella to go with it.

  6. I agree - a cute couple indeed. And how lovely for Kay to visit you. Hope you had a great time.

  7. That was a cute post on the umbrella story.

  8. Oh, this is super, aka P. I love it!
    Great to see you and B., and really enjoyed our trip to go umbrella-hunting for C.
    Will continue the search here. Possibly tomorrow.

  9. What a creative way to express the fun you had when Kay and her husband visited. We feel as if we spent time with "the adorable pair" too. As many have said, a delightful post, Penelope. While I'm here, I must mention the series of photos in the previous post. Your umbrella themes are full of colour, humour and whimsey and I'm just loving them :)

  10. Looks like Kay has tons of style! I like her taste. :)

  11. A lovely set of shots...I know how much fun you must have had with Kay! Hope the rest of your week is equally enjoyable, my friend...:)

  12. What a lovely story. And how wonderful to meet Kay and her husband.

  13. What a lovely pair and nice coordination! I thought of my rainy season pair which gives me a delight to go out on a wet and gray days. Your story-telling is “shining”, penelope.

  14. Oh, what a lovely post it is! I felt as if I saw your friend through a pair of her belongings which looked like bringing me happiness in rainbow colors. Yes, two things have synergistic effect!!!
    I realize that keeping adorable belongings like hers around me is a secret of getting happier.
    Thanks a lot and have a great weekend!


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