Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Soft Touch Takes The Sting Out

THE FEATHER was really such a tiny thing and a joy to behold ...

when I noticed it yesterday on a bench at Elgin Park fluffed up by the breeze.

I wasn't sure what bird it belonged to and hoped it wasn't missed.

In the forest around a corner a pussywillow stem caught my eye.

Ice had melted into a teardrop on this fuzzy bloom.

It was hard to believe a few hours earlier sleet and snow made a comeback outside my door in southwest BC. I'm glad it faded soon and soft signs of spring took out the sting.

Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms


  1. Yippee for only the most fleeting glimpses of snow and sleet and lots of signs of Spring to keep our hearts light. You caught the delicate, sweet details of that feather, just as you so often do in life, Penelope.

  2. A very nice post. Both items are certainly soft. I have been enjoying your creative use of words describing what you see in your world.

  3. Oh, lovely. The feather is so sweet. At first I thought it was for fly-fishing, which didn't seem like you at all, but the part I thought was a hook was just a wet, bent bit of feather.
    And pussywillows. I love them!
    I guess Dick and I had better get outside to clean up the back yard. The temperature has dropped from 8 to 7 and we have flurries in the forecast for a couple of days from now, but around here, snow can come early, and be worse than expected, as you know.
    Gorgeous photos.

  4. I am facinated by feathers too, I almost always have to stop and take a closer look, as you say hopeful it wasn't missed by the bird, weather has been very changable here recently and not very warm. It is lovely to see the pussywillows are finally opening up, I'll have to visit the local bushes here.

  5. The feathers are so lovely. I enjoyed all of the shots but the feather shot was my favorite.

  6. Beauiful feathers! Did a gentle breeze carry them on the bench? The photos fired imagination and I started to make stories.


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