Monday, January 2, 2012

Renewing The Wonder In My World

THIS FRESH START to a New Year got me thinking that vexing problems and challenging times can easily rob the joy out of life. There is wonderment to soak in at nearly every corner ... even if within the parameters of one's own mind. A mystic moment can be sparked by a deep inner knowing or a simple reflection of tree branches tangled in paper decor pasted on the window of a community hall. Nothing is as it seems and reality is limited by the ability to perceive it.

What a miracle that no two of us are alike but all are made of the same stuff as snowflakes and stars.

Daily woes and worries are thieves distracting from magical pathways of the imagination that sometimes just sit there uninspired ...

when they could be glowing ...

or fluttering in and out of windows softly opened to new realms.

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  1. Wonderful post for the New Year. I know that nature is often my salvation when I find myself less joyful. There is something so uplifting to me about the natural world.

  2. Your post is brilliant to me this morning! ..."Daily woes and worries are THIEVES distracting from magical pathways of the imagination...". I love this!

    Yesterday, for no good reason, I felt glum. Today, I read your post and know I can easily replace the gloom with my imagination. It is in my power to do so!

    Thanks so much! xx

  3. Poetic, encouraging and inspirational blog! Magical path is everywhere if we have very positive thinking. Especially I love the last photo. I want to fly to new realms like a butterfly or with balloons in 2012. Thanks a lot for posting this.
    I wish you the happiest and best New Year!

  4. Fun post for the New Year!! Boom & gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Marvelous post and such terrific thoughts for the new year! It is all too easy ubdeed to get caught up in the daily woes and worries and hurts and in doing so we miss so much of the beauty of our worlds! Thanks for the reminder -- the last few days have been difficult! Have a great week!


  6. wonderful reflections in the first pic!

  7. So very true, worry never changed anything except the creativity of the mind. Great reminder and lovely post Penelope.

    May you appreciate all the little wonders around you throughout the year.

  8. Magical and inspirational post. Such wisdom such great words to start the New Year with. Thanks!

  9. Dreadful about the challenging times, yet wonderful to know you can see beauty in paper snowflakes in spite of all.

  10. Lovely images and thought to ponder.

  11. What a beautiful, uplifting post! May your year be full of miracles and wonder!

  12. There is indeed wonderment to soak in every day and joy found in looking for it too!

  13. Penelope, I came by to wish you a Happy New Year and was pleased to see this post with the encouragement to start afresh the New Year. As the paper décor of snowflakes and stars show there are many things which look different but as a matter of fact is the similar or of the same origin.

    This year is the year of dragon, an auspicious, magical creature of spiritual import which moves freely in any form in air and water combining yin and yang. Magical pathway is everywhere when our souls soar up seeing things with our inner eyes.

    May your days be filled with smiles and joyous surprises throughout 2012.

  14. A very uplifting post. Love the view into the windows. As you know I decided to do a photo a day. It will be a daunting task but willing to try. I am finding your blog is very inspiring, lots of colorful shots. Thanks for brightening up my morning on these dull rainy mornings.

  15. This post, as Marion said, is brilliant! It inspires and reminds me of the potential in every day. So easy to miss, sometimes, unless we take a moment to see and feel what is all around us. Maria, your first photograph just blew me away. It, too, was brilliant!

  16. The pictures are great especially the first one. Love your approach to the new year.

  17. This is such a beautiful post, inspirational. One reason I like taking photos is because it often encourages me to focus on the beauty of the seemingly insignificant. Once I see the beauty, my heart fills with a special joy.

    Sorry I'm late this week! To rephrase an old saying: so many things to do and so little time!

    All the best in 2012!


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