Monday, September 26, 2011

Menacing Autumn Winds

THE BLUSTERY WEATHER this weekend put me in a mood to display my plastic Halloween pumpkin. Each year I notice a wickedness behind its carved out grin. Autumn has definitely hit its stride in southwest BC.

The hardy chrysanthemums or mums unfurled from their summer's sleep.

My windsock swam the windy waves, trying to escape its strings.

The breeze ripped leaves from trees during my walk … some were in the prime of life.

At Kwomais Point Park the bay was agitated and restless.

Dry leaves were swept into small bundles by a fence in the park.

The bench was empty ...

of the usual onlookers.

The clouds were beautifully unfettered and free.

When I repeated my walk later that evening, I found sunset gold piercing the gray shaded sky. Although fall is my favorite time of year, it does contain rage within its vivid crispness and silver linings. The menacing weather reminded me of anger and how it nestles in the season of pumpkins and smiles.

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  1. Hi — Yes, I heard there was something of a storm after my family's fishing expedition on the weekend.
    Your photos are gorgeous, showing one of the many moods of the bay we both know and love. The empty bench is a real clue to the weather, too.
    Thanks for the little walk around the neighborhood. I sure enjoyed it.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Yes it was a blustery weekend and fall seens to be here. I love your photo series today.

  3. I love this time of year. Your pumpkin is great and I love the autumn flowers. Great shots in your part of the world.

    I sent you a couple of emails to reply about the thinker. My second is more concise with a link to an article and better than the first where I copied from a lot of sources into the email. I'm repeating it here so you want even need to read my emails.

    As it turns out the thinker is on loan to the museum and isn't part of the permanent collection that contains most of the others as a gift. There are 20 "original" Thinkers and the article

    explains all that.

  4. Oh my goodness! Autumn has arrived there too. For some strange reason I thought it arrived there later than here!

  5. Oh, yes, autumn has arrived here in Seattle as well! Marvelous captures for the day and a great look at your world! Thanks for the lovely stroll! I hope you have a great week! Enjoy!


  6. Beautiful! Even though it's officially fall down here in the southern US, it sure doesn't feel like it! Love your photo's!


  7. Wonderful set of images from your world.

  8. We can’t clearly see when autumn came, but we feel it in the sound of the wind or in the forms of the clouds. Air is cool and crisp, and transparent. Your fabulous photography speaks nicely that autumn feel, penelope. I like your description “... it does contain rage within its vivid crispness and silver linings.”

    Your windsock is almost the same with the windsock on the top of “koinobori/carp streamer”. (Check "koinobori" on wikipedia.) In Japan, it is culturally believed that by waving five-colored (red, white, green, yellow, and black/purple) long strips of cloth, we can drive away the forces of evil.


  9. Terrific autumn shots! I love the restless looking sea. I have your plastic pumpkin's twin at my house!

  10. Autumn brings out such wonderful golden tones! Lovely pics.

  11. Hi Penelope,

    Your leering pumpkin was the perfect image to reflect my blustery rides today. Quite the contrast from the tranquility and warm temperatures of Sunday morning. Your descriptive imagery, with ripped leaves, swimming windsock, and restless waves was as rich as that of the pictures you chose to share with us. I loved that the post went from bright (but with an edge of anger) to somewhat depressed, and then to freedom represented by glorious blues and golds.

  12. Vivid colors - even in the sky! Have a great fall.

  13. Stardust, so happy to ward off evil in any way that I can. :) Thank you for the “koinobori” information. It is interesting to learn of the carp connection as I’ve always felt that my windsock swam the sky as if it were a fish!

  14. I love the colours of fall. It seems our maples are a bit late in changing up in Powell River. Probably the same as all of our gardens and other natural plants. The sea sure was disturbed yesterday. Come see my post tomorrow for a up coast sample. - Margy

  15. What a gorgeous place you live in I think every season has it charm Love the smiling pumpkin

  16. No season is exempt from the occasional weather rage. I've just seen golfball and large sized hailstones in some really wild weather in our neighbouring state of Victoria. We are having thunderstorms and heavy rain but I'm not complaining, we need the rain in our otherwise dry spring.

    Love the way you presented your blustery day as well as your very apt comments.

  17. I enjoyed your walk and your thoughts on Fall and the storm we had. We had quite the cleanup after that one. You have a poetic way in your writings. I enjoy them.

  18. Fantastic shots from your beautiful world. I love blustery windy days until it gets extremely cold.

  19. Oh that jack o'lantern is pretty creepy. I can't put my finger on why. Lovely pictures of the ocean, I can nearly feel that cold wind whipping across the waves!

  20. What a lovely Fall post. You are ahead of us down here in this corner of the Pacific Northwest -- our color has just barely begun


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