Monday, June 27, 2011

Dripping With Festive Spirit

THERE WAS A DEFINITE DRIZZLE and downright downpour at times on Saturday, June 18, in South Surrey, BC. The festival at Kwomais Point Park coupled with the annual Ocean Park Day celebrations at the nearby Village Center seemed to bring on the inclement weather. Life amid the drops is typical so we were not discouraged from having a good time.

The rain-washed forest gathered people from all over the neighborhood. The spatter could be heard but barely seen on the tall canopy of fresh leaves and evergreen branches surrounding the tents.

There were few umbrellas and only a few people bothered to cover their heads with hoods.

Some sat on dampened chairs. Most enjoyed the entertainment while standing.

There were screams of glee at the Village Center where children lined up and waited to sit in a seat that whirled upside down inside a Spaceball.

Some were eager to scale the mountain under a curtain of gray sky.

There was a barbecue, traditional cotton candy and popcorn. Tasty bits overflowed ...

onto the street and got soaked along with the celebratory decorations. The sun, of course, did not make even a token appearance until the following day when all the rides, activities, chairs and food had been put away.

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  1. That looks like so much fun and I'm glad the rain didn't dampen spirits.

  2. I do like your title on this one...most fitting! And it's so true that we are not deterred by rain here on the Lower Mainland...after all, it's what makes our corner of the world so lush and beautiful.

    I did not realize these events were on, or we would have popped by. Next year, then. Lovely photos as always...the popcorn against the pebbled ground is a wonderful contrast...:)

  3. I wouldn't mind a few drops myself.

    Have a lovely week.

  4. What fun - and so great that people didn't let the rain spoil their fun.

  5. A great title!
    I have been to fairs where the rain has tried to mess with the fun and it is nice to see that so many people refuse to give up!

  6. Everybody had a good time despite the rain . That is a hood spirit.Love your pictures.

  7. It is great that people have a fun; especially children are enjoying and playing. And rain cannot do anything! I do love people’s spirit and all of your photos.
    Have a great week.

  8. How fun and I love your title!! Living in the northwest, we also become "adaptable" where the frequent intrusion of rain is pretty much the norm!! Great captures for the day! Have a wonderful week!


  9. It’s nice for people to go out and have fun despite the weather. I like that people’s attitude and your title, too. Somehow we get along with the rains, like the flowers of season, hydrangeas and irises, which look more lively in the rain rather than the bright sun. I think you, Penelope, enjoyed yourself so much looking for what to take pictures. The last two are impressive. Have a happy week!

  10. Wonderful shots of the festivity.

  11. The festive colours were bright and cheerful even if the sky was grey. I'm glad the attendees had a good time. I bet it was fun!

  12. that looks like a wonderful and colourful festival. glad everyone had a blast despite the rain.

    My World

  13. Rains add more fun at times I guess.
    Nice captures.


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