Friday, April 8, 2011

Green Creeps Into Spring

IT IS ELEVATING to go down 1001 Steps to the beach in Ocean Park, BC.

Bird chatter, salty foam slapping the rocky shore below and a rustling of creatures beneath the canopy of bare trees are spellbinding sounds broken by the clatter of an occasional train coming down the track.

Newborn leaves are slowly unfurling in the forest ...

painting dusky browns and soulful grays ...

a bright spring green.

Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms


  1. Beautiful signs of the paths greening and new life arising. I like the way you caught the tracks in one of your shots.

  2. Your gentle words always lull me into a gentler place, Penelope. I haven't climbed these steps in quite a while...going down is one thing...not sure I'd make it up again! And I like your title, as green does seem to be rather slow creeping into our spring this year, in spite of all the drizzle...LOL.

    I thought about you yesterday as we drove along east beach. With the tide way out, the Coast Guard had sidled their hovercraft right up to the beach and were letting people clamber aboard...a great photo op had I brought my camera! I was hoping you might have been in the area to capture it...really striking to see this big red boat up on the shore.

    Have an absolutely wonderful Sunday...:)

  3. I love the "dusky browns, soulful grays" and "bright spring greens" but what I really, really want to know is whether you also climb back up those gorgeous 1001 steps. If you do, then I would assess you to be the fittest person on the planet:)


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