Friday, April 1, 2011

Character Bench Replaced At Kwomais Park

IT IS NICE TO SIT DOWN and enjoy the view. This welcoming new bench at Kwomais Point Park in Ocean Park, Surrey, BC, replaced …

the old bench that was fashioned out of wooden planks. I miss seeing the warm and woodsy character bench where I used to sit. Perhaps it is being used elsewhere and not demolished. Its disappearance is part of the ongoing reconstruction phase to make the park more people-friendly.

The change hasn't dampened the scenery or stopped clouds from bursting across the sky. But I hope the rustic bench is still someplace sitting pretty.

Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms


  1. It would have been lovely to add a bench, rather than replace one. Like you, I hope the "warm and woodsy" one is enjoying a retirement that acknowledges all the pleasure it gave during its lifetime.

  2. That's a beautiful sky and ocean scene. I'd love to sit on one of those benches and look out over the water. Happy Friday.

  3. I would have sat on either bench. I'm with you hoping the older bench has survived to "live" in another place. :))

  4. A charming spot indeed to sit and watch the sea, Penelope. I love the shadows cast by the benches, and the sky in that last shot is spectacular. I really must gather up husband and dog and head up to that way soon. I too hope your rustic bench found a new home...

    And thank you for your lovely comments on my African Alphabet posts. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to approach a publisher, but I may very well put together another online book like the ones I showed you and Kay...thanks for the idea!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend...:)

    Imagination Lane

  5. Where's the litter?
    the cans, paperbags, hamburger cartons, cigarette packs?

    You seem to live in an ideal world I can only dream of.
    Tidy and clean and with a view to die for.

  6. I’d like to believe your favorite wood bench not demolished but rasped and varnished to start another life. Under that condition, it must have retained the extinguished gloss which once had.

    The view is so nice with crinkly water look and the formation of the clouds.

  7. What a beautiful place to take in the view. They have replaced some of the wooden benches at the lake I walk around with new ones. I hated to see the old ones go although some were cracked and broken.

    I wanted to tell you that the size issue with photos on my other blog was due to how I put it in. Rather than upload through blogger, I copy the image link from flickr or photoworks because my google picsa site that blogger uses was getting full. It was my accident when I copied the image direct link, I put it in at the size I usually use for Carver Cards as opposed to the format I use on Carver's sight. I don't know what could be happening with your paragraph format. It's all so variable sometimes.


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