Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Driving Down Moon Road

IN SEARCH OF THE FULL MOON on Saturday, March 19th, my husband and I took an evening drive along Marine Drive in White Rock, BC. There was much talk about the “Super Moon” being its closest to the earth since 1993. According to experts, the full moon is normally about 238,000 miles from the planet. But on this day it would be some 221,567 miles from earth.

We soon spotted the glowing orb among the blue glitter of year-round Christmas lights strung on the trees lining the street. It looked like an ornamental ball hanging between the branches.

As the road wound its way towards a small row of seaside shops, the moon played hide-and-seek appearing to change locations.

It shone in the dark a little more brightly than usual. But I expected a bigger moon, as I have seen it more vibrant and appear larger in past months. Because of its Super Moon status mixed with other planetary influences, it left some minds spinning about what widespread turbulence it might cause.

Perhaps it is too early to tell what impact this March moon will have on the planet. Powerful enough to pull tides and tug at emotions, the pale receding dot seemed dwarfed in the night sky as we continued our drive.

There are more skies to view from around the globe at Skywatch.

Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms


  1. Great captures of the moon! I wasn't able to capture it. It shone at three in the morning here.

  2. Unfortunately I missed my chance to look for the moon on Saturday. So glad you were able to make time and you did well to get a photo.

  3. The lights look like spider webs.

    I didn't know about he super moon until it happened. Then they talk about the earthquake connection.

  4. The moon and the electric lights are beautiful. So much strength conveyed by the moon! So much beauty down below.

  5. Fantastic captures of the moon! I wasn't able to get any shots of it either because of the cloud cover. So glad you were able to get these to share with us!! Happy SWF! Have a great weekend, Penelope!


  6. Nice moon following, - you got some lovely captures, thank you.

  7. What a wonderful capture of the moon! Yes,the full moon looks like an ornamental ball of Christmas tree. In the third photo, illuminations look like stars in the Galaxy.

    Energy of the moon must be always at work and there must be many things subject to unearthly law, though we are unaware of. I’ve heard that great earthquakes happened at times when moon’s gravity was strongest, but don’t know whether it’s proved scientifically.

    Thanks for this post as I was forgetting to look up at the sky for the past week. I like watching up at the moon as its light infuses into my heart.

  8. Wow, Penelope, these are awesome photos, making me quite envious that I have none. It was cloudy here that night; it wasn't until 2AM in the morning when it was shining so brightly into our bedroom window that I remembered...and then I was to warm and lazy to get out of bed!

    But it was huge and bright, like a spotlight shining on my pillow. I'm glad you got photos for me to remember it.

  9. It was an interesting moon that night! I managed to capture a few fuzzy moon shots! thanks for being such a faithful visitor to my blogs - a big 'thank you'! You have a great website too - you write so beautifully! Hugs from Vancouver island, Michelle.

  10. It was great fun to compare your impressions of the moon with mine, Penelope. Your unique way of seeing the "ornamental ball" especially caught my imagination. I've also had that experience of thinking the moon plays hide and seek and I loved the idea of the moon's power being able to "pull tides and tug at emotions."

  11. I missed out on the moon that night. Lucky you to get out to capture it.


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