Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Song To Remember

I DISLIKE the glamorization of war. Yet good people die … mostly young people with apprehension and brave hearts wanting to do the right thing for their country.

There is no gratitude great enough that we on the sidelines can give to the families who put at risk or have sacrificed their children. Here is a link to contemplate their service. It is a song inspired when someone in a supermarket didn’t have the compassion or courtesy to respect a request for two minutes of silence.

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  1. Oh my goodness. That was wonderful, and sorrowful. When the veterans started coming through, I started to cry.

  2. Oh Penelope, you have once more posted about something near and dear to my heart. I discovered "A Pittance of Time" a few weeks ago when I was googling to find a suitable song for a wonderful group of singers at my school to perform for our Remembrance Day Assembly. They sang it beautifully yesterday. Like you, I abhor war and all attempts to glorify it, but believe we must never forget the tragedy of innocent lives lost, the bravery of those who left their families and friends to do what they believed with all their hearts to be the right thing, and most of all, we must take that "pittance of time" to imagine a peaceful world, and then we must never give up striving towards that dream.

  3. I did too, Kay! It is almost impossible not to be moved by this fantastic song!

    Carol, I think we must live in parallel universes because there are so many coincidences. I'm glad the song went well. You picked the perfect one for the event.:)

  4. That was remarkable, Penelope! The tears are flowing down my cheeks...such sorrow...and so much gratitude we owe to so many for the free lives we lead. I just took part in Blog Blast for Peace on my travel day an end to war must happen. Thank you for sharing this...


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