Monday, September 6, 2010

Remnants Of An Ocean Park Summer

IN MY WORLD autumn nipped at my heels as I kicked through remnants of a hot summer in southwestern BC this weekend. Along the way I came across natural phenomena and manmade creations.

The early gathering of leaves on the forest floor was due to extreme dryness.

Tough veins on an old tree appeared unmoved by weeks of stubborn heat.

A leaf riddled with holes looked frail from weather beatings and bug bites.

This large stone had the markings of a dusty desert all over its hilly face.

An etching exposed the inner beauty and age of one fallen log.

The puffy dandelion was perfectly still with seeds intact as I breezed by.

Sparkling blue waters of Boundary Bay beckoned from Kwomais Point Park.

Berries lounged on a wall as I headed for the 1001 Steps to the shore below.

The nearby drain was largely ignored due to minimal rain flow this summer.

It was nice to see the stairs were in good repair.

The path to the shore was mysterious as ever.

The ripening berries alongside the path were too sour for picking.

A tire gripped the road and was a great deterrent against slippage.

Beneath the railway dubious art work decorated a tunnel to the beach.

Inside the tunnel there were remnants of a party I was glad to have missed.

On the other side, sun streaks bounced off the water and leaked through the lens of my camera that I hoped was not damaged.

Ahead was a shining horizon ... the grandeur of which I could not capture.

The beach had sharp edges but seemed safe to explore.

Ripples slapped stones ...

barnacles hugged rocks ...

and a rusty artifact expressed the ravages of time.

Slick ropes of seaweed were bundled together ...

while a non-edible mushroom was painted into a corner.

A shabby sign stood humbly at a distance amid natural beauty and manmade design. They all needed a wash from the anticipated rain.

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  1. I'm so glad you posted these pictures, because I can't do those steps any more. Great pictures of the ocean and the minutiae of a rocky shoreline. I miss the wild blackberries, too. Enjoyed this SO much. Thanks.
    Luv, K

  2. Hi Maria, I enjoyed exploring with you - the ocean looked quite inviting! Can't believe all those leaves have fallen already due to dryness. I hope you get some moisture soon.

  3. Truly awesome have such a gift! It's what I aspire to and rarely get. I have some of a rocky beach on Gabriola Island that are similar..

    I'm so glad you posted these photos of a place very dear to my heart!

  4. How lovely this post is. Wonderful pictures from an interested world. Please have a great week.

  5. Fantastic photos and what a fabulous place! Fall is definitely stepping onto the scene! How fun to explore it with you! Marvelous post! Have a wonderful week!


  6. aloha,

    what a beautiful view and hike, looks like a fun day to be outdoors and explore, i love your observations

    i have an interesting place to visit today on my sari site

  7. Great sequence of shots. I enjoyed the way you showed us nature in the forest and then along the shore too. Beautiful post.

  8. That's a great walk you took us on. Thanks for such an enjoyable post. Loved all the photos.
    An English Girl Rambles

  9. It really does look like fall is nearly here!

  10. those are such beautiful captures and it's hard to pick a favourite. i enjoy all of them. thanks for sharing your fascinating world.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful autumn! And I love the graffiti gracing this world.

  12. Very beautiful shots of such a nice place. The variety is amazing.

  13. Thanks for taking us along on this tour!
    Interestingly, the word verification is 'warmish'!

  14. terrific photos of your world--thanks for sharing. i love the golden leaves and i'll be looking forward to your autumn photos (we have no autumn here).

  15. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos

    Have a nice week,
    Greetings, Bram

    My Word Tuesday post

    Seen on My World Tuesday

  16. What a wonderful traipse you have taken me on! I especially like the veins of bark on the overheated tree and the rather eaten leaf.

    I gather you can feel autumn nipping your heels just as I can feel spring in my air. Let's swap seasons for a few months shall we?

  17. Thank you for taking me along this lovely walk through your world. I enjoyed it.

  18. This shots are so beautiful. Great colors. Thanks for sharing

  19. your autumn is progressing fast as it seems. Lotsof great stuff here. :)

  20. Unique captures in a romantic view! Yes, Fall is here and I'm still thinking of the Summer I lost...Sea is always so beautiful...

  21. Wow, Penelope, so many comments, and well deserved too! Your photographs are stunning! You seem to have caught a golden light in so many of them, and you have brought out details to show your world as great art.

  22. I so much enjoyed looking through your world via your camera lens. I love the forest captures and ocean. Nice to see how you captured certain spots..thanks for popping in to my blog. How does one follow your blog so that I can see when you post something new?

  23. Glad you stopped by, Stephanie. I appreciate your question. I was able to display some of the blogs I follow (Most Recent Rainy Day Reads) on my sidebar by going to Add A Gadget and choosing Blog List where I entered the main http addresses of the bloggers. I like this because it alerts me to new posts as they come up. Hope this works! :)

  24. MOlobelle queste immagini per MWt.
    Grazie della visita :)
    Buona giornata.


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