Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Award Winning Summer Finale

IT WAS AN AWARD WINNING blue-skies day but I didn’t find time to sit on the lounge chair in my backyard. There hasn’t been a heavy rainfall yet so a watering of the plants and trees was required. Warm as it was, I felt fall nearby and I could see the crimson leaves were saturated with colour as they normally are a few weeks before they drift into memories of summer.


  1. Hi--
    what kind of tree has those gorgeous crimson leaves and where is it in your yard? I hope it isn't in the front where I've failed to see it. You mentioned something about lounging in the back yard, so maybe that's where it is. Anyway, it's gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kay. The tree is a sopping wet Red Japanese Maple. Its leaves are red all summer and into fall when they get even brighter before dropping off.:)

  3. Penelope, you not only noticed the beautiful day, but you passed it on, with your own special flavour of freshness, to those of us who are enriched each time we spend a few minutes at your blog.


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