Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shut Out Of Open Spaces

FIELDS OF TALL GRASSES and wildflowers were everywhere to play in when I was small. Local gardens were a little unkempt and looked pleasantly disheveled. Fortunately, parks, fields and forests still exist today in BC. But like many places throughout the world, they are diminishing as humanity stretches over rocky mountains, inlets and valleys, pruning back plant life and pushing animals to the brink.

Nowadays, it is common to find several construction projects throughout suburban neighborhoods such as mine in Surrey. Often, a grassy knoll is a property-in-waiting where more homes will one day undoubtedly be built. Although natural growth overflows, gone is the freedom to explore these teasingly spacious plots of fenced in land empty of children playing.

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  1. we are also losing our farm lands to subdivisions and industrial parks. city folks are choked with pollution as parks are turned into malls and parking lots.

  2. I would have loved to live on the coast fifty years or so ago. Even up here in Powell River we have lots of development going on in town and in the back country with new power lines going through. But you can still get a feel of the past. We found a place up Powell Lake that we fell in love with. With a moratorium on further development we are safe for a while. - Margy

  3. aloha,

    it looks beatiful now yet so sad that its all changing to development, thanks for showing this to us today, what a treat

  4. This post has stayed on my mind for several days. Sometimes (well, actually, often), I wish I could stop all "progress" and just leave things as they are.

    Also loved the morning glory post. Did I already comment on that? I can't look at one, these days, without thinking of your beautiful photo and the interesting info.

    And just a note: I can't seem to access your "sunshine in the window" post.

  5. Oh, I think what you see is a draft of a post I didn’t publish, although I must have pressed publish at some point. Thanks as always for dropping by, Carol, and for checking out “sunshine in my window” which will likely appear another day. :)

  6. For every year there are less and less places for the children to play on... BUT they are good at finding new one. MB


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