Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Peas, Please!

WHEN I WAS small I didn’t like too many vegetables but there were some exceptions. When my mom came home from the grocers with an armload of fresh peas still in their jackets, I couldn’t get enough of the tasty treats. Not only did I love their crisp sweetness, I also loved how the pods could become cozy cocoons for pretend caterpillars and cradles for pea-faced dolls. They also made excellent canoes in the kitchen sink.

Although I don’t play with peas anymore, my appetite for them has not changed. So when my brother-in-law dropped by with green peas from a local Delta garden, I couldn’t wait to start eating them straight from the pod. They rolled from their jackets into my mouth, some scattering onto the floor.

Apparently, in the Middle Ages, King John ll of England had a similar passion and is actually thought to have died from overeating peas. I can't help wondering if there was royal intrigue. If so, perhaps they were poisoned peas? Regardless, they were probably not of the fresh variety I enjoyed today.


  1. very creative on the first pic :)

    i am personally not a fan of pea but i won't mind having them mixed with other veggies like diced carrots a corns. :)

  2. I had my very first ever peas from the pod this past weekend as I was offered a deal as the farmers market was finishing. I can not believe I have not had these before! And who needs to cook in the summer they were delicious pod and all! Great post!

  3. Lawstude, thanks for your comment … yes, peas are definitely not everyone’s favorite. But mixing in a little green with your orange and yellow vegetables sounds like a well-balanced and pretty palate of colours. :)

    Carolyn, thanks also for dropping by. Fresh peas from the pod are so much sweeter before they are cooked. How great that you had this new food experience so recently!

  4. I don't know if it's guilt or what, but all my life I've remembered raiding my grandparents' garden (not far from your house, Penelope) for... you guessed it... fresh peas. My brother and I ate them right then and there, pods and all, with no seasoning other than the fear of being caught. Looking back more than 50 years later, I suspect Grandma saw us through the kitchen window and laughed at our secret maneuvers in her pea patch. Probably her way of getting kids to eat vegetables.

  5. Peas are yummy, they are my SO's favorite vegetables.

  6. Discovering the sweet flavour of peas in the pod was such a surprise after the canned peas of my childhood. Thanks for that wonderfully vibrant photograph and the memory.


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