Monday, July 5, 2010

Flower Power Gone Wild

THE MORNING GLORY is a lowly cone shaped flower growing on vines in BC that reminds me of an inverted umbrella. Despite its frail appearance, the white variety (commonly known as Hedge Bindweed) can easily overtake West Coast gardens. Buds open with the morning light to wilt in the afternoon. Each fleeting flash of lovely flower is replaced daily by another. The aptly named bloom trumpets the birth of a new day and then gracefully fades away.

I spotted the Morning Glory pictured here during a stroll near Kwomais Point Park. The sleepy bud beside the open flower will unfold to greet the sunrise tomorrow. Although it looks harmless, the relentless weed is quietly crawling around the globe. Sometimes called a cancer of the plant world, its roots spread beneath the ground, strangling foliage along the way with its pretty flower power gone wild.

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  1. i didn't know it's called morning glory. i've seen this flower/vine here but in lavender. beautiful.

  2. That is a particularly wonderful photograph!

    I've been admiring the Morning Glories popping up everywhere and hadn't realized they are weeds and not necessarily appreciated by other plants. How sad that something so beautiful is considered a cancer.


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