Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rosy Day In The Rain

MY WALK IN THE GENTLE SHOWERS yesterday was a chance to capture some drops amid the neighborhood flowers.

Rain rested on budding blossoms and gathered on leaves and petals of ...

pale rose clusters that I photographed along the way.

One bright blossom seemed to thrive from the light sprinkling.

The hydrangea was also loving the weather.

This iris family shyly peeked through its slender leaves.

A single lupin blushed a pretty pink as I walked by.

Bunches of bells declared their presence through the grasses.

A whitewashed foxglove soaked in the air ...

that was fresh as the daisies.


  1. Gentle words and brilliant colours equal sunny rain:)

  2. Sunny rain ... the very thought of it captures my imagination!


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