Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Lone Poppy

I WAS DRAWN TO A BRIGHT poppy at a nursery a few years ago. I purchased it to plant in my front yard. Strangely, it has not multiplied or spread out into the garden.

Each summer it dies to come back as a single bud the following year. Each spring I see its refreshed face unfurling.


  1. What a pretty poppy! I love poppies and wish I had planted more of them, now I will, you inspired me with the red one. Thanks for visiting me again - isn't the 'fuzz' ball birdie so adorable. I couldn't resist taking pictures of the dear little thing, all it wanted to do was sleep! Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully we will see some sun here on our wet coast. See you soon! Michelle

  2. I've fallen behind again, but always check your blog. Loved this post. What pleasure in a single, annually reappearing poppy!

    The seatbelt/cell phone post also resonated strongly! Several times drivers talking on their phones have scared me. And, do you know, I have even seen cyclists riding and talking on their cell phones? Nuts!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Michelle and Carol. We’ve had such great weekend weather I suspect you were both enjoying the outdoors at your different locations. I was glued to my PC redesigning my blog NOT because I wanted to. Playing with Blogger’s new “design option”, I accidentally deleted my original layout. This was a hard lesson in saving codes BEFORE venturing into unfamiliar technical territory. Oh well … it could have been worse. As it is, my blog is back but with a slightly new look. Whew!


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