Thursday, May 6, 2010

Under The Mom Umbrella

I’VE OFTEN HEARD it said that selfishness ends when parenthood begins and the focus turns towards children. Usually that is how it works. However, there are many non-moms who are also nurturers that give of themselves selflessly. From tending the home, to encouraging growth in the gardens of others, to fighting for causes that promote wellness, to feeding the intellect and the hungry, I’ve seen "moms of the earth" sprout out everywhere.

Whether checking in on the lonely person next door, being a big brother or sister, rescuing an abandoned pet or tossing hard earned dollars into the canvasser’s pot for cancer or Haiti relief, there are endless needs and endless efforts to meet them. So although destructive forces can crush us, there is the umbrella side of life where people respond like parents to situations that inspire action. It is this urge to protect and care for the vulnerable that provides balance and makes life worth living, particularly when Mother Nature seems stone cold in the face of disasters. So a tip of my umbrella to both moms and non-moms who step in to nurture causes at home and around the globe.


  1. Beautifully written and rather comforting to this non-mom:) Thanks, Penelope.

  2. Ah … a nice example of what I wrote about, Carol. Much of the subject matter and photos in your blog shows that special compassion that is by no means exclusive to moms.

  3. As another non-mom who has been known to take a cause or two and a person or three under her wing, I agree with Carol ... your blog is comforting.
    Of course it makes me want to think of my oft-told theory of a genetic "mother bear instinct" that can lead to wing-undertaking just as well as to jumping into rivers to save toddlers.
    But I'd never heard that saying before, about selfishness and parenthood. Good to know it doesn't necessarily mean biological parenthood.
    Thanks from me, too.

  4. I agree - there are many nurturing women that quietly help out those in need - whether it be someone to listen to, helping a friend or neighbour in need, a senior citizen, etc. I have a wonderful neighbour who is full of quiet wisdom and love of her garden - she has helped me in so many years over the years. We get together for coffee all the time and these are very special moments where we share many thoughts about our family and garden. Happy May! Michelle


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