Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roadways, Bloggers & Doors, Oh My!

FROM THE YELLOW BRICK road to Alice’s slide down the rabbit hole, there are millions of pathways and entrances we envision lead to enchantment. The curious feeling of unique potential and magic seems to dwell around every corner. As children we found mystery and wonder in storybooks, movies as well as in our own imaginations. I remember a fairyland I discovered at an empty lot near Langley, BC, where I spent hours of my childhood. The fairies eluded me but I was the giant who created their carpets of moss and constructed their tiny tables and chairs from the twigs I found on the forest floor.

I think many bloggers, now grown, strive to capture their own enchantment of life whether through exploring the minute details of their neighborhoods or the enormity of distant shores. The stories they tell through prose and photos show a love of the moment and for the environment that with technology can so easily be shared. As I develop my own blog and open doors to other sites, I enter a world of awe-inspired journeys.

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  1. I love your blog for the very reasons you mention, Penelope! Along with your wit and insight and unique way of seeing the world, I so enjoy the magic and mysticism that lurk in every corner.


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