Monday, May 3, 2010

Lenore: Through The Eyes of An Artist

WE OFTEN OVERLOOK what is not easily seen. Things discarded and the life above or below us can escape our attention and awe. I remember a trip on a dull rainy day to Fort Langley along the Fraser River with my artist friend, Lenore, who since passed away. As we both gazed into the murky brown water, she suggested I look deep into the initial lack of colour. As I stared intently into the river, reflections and subtle patterns began to immerge. Light danced in the shadows and colours radiated in misty hues. Eventually, my focus was so intent that it seemed the entire universe resided in the tiny speck of my gaze. I treasure those moments with Lenore when I looked through the eyes of an artist and we shared a mystical view. I exhibit her painting here called Early Morning that I am fortunate to have in my care.


  1. Lenore lives on in her paintings, and she is all the more vividly present with your beautiful description of that precious conversation. I loved this post and her painting. Thanks, Penelope!


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