Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weather Beyond My Windowsill

I WOKE TO WHAT SOUNDED LIKE a loud herd of buffalo galloping over the roof. Since that was not likely, my second thought was that local raccoons were cavorting on top of the house. It took a while to shake off enough sleep to realize a major hailstorm was passing through.

This was totally unexpected since the weather reports I read mentioned only a mix of sun and cloud with 40 percent chance of showers. Now I see “risk of thundershowers with hail” has been added. The “predicted” thundershowers appeared at around 6:30 am when the computer blacked out for a few seconds and what sounded like a jet plane rumbled overhead.

Less than two hours later, the sun peeked through and the morning looked gentle and serene. And now that it has started to drizzle, the proof I will have that West Coast weather is fickle and definitely not dull is the picture of hail on the roof that I took at the windowsill.


  1. Hi Penelope,

    I've fallen behind (reports, end of semester) with comments lately, but have been reading and enjoying your blog. Wind, Penmanship, Umbrellas, and now Hail. Each one has triggered little "aha" moments for me - thoughts that drifted through my mind, but needed your insight to bring them to the front of my consciousness.
    1.Wind is a big one! Yesterday, a tree was down at Jericho. And, it was one of those days when a crosswind over the centre part of the Lions Gate forced me to get off and walk my bike.
    2.Penmanship. Every student and teacher at my school now has a laptop, so although I hope we're both wrong, I think you are close to the truth about the possibility of penmanship becoming an elitist art form, going the way, perhaps, that Latin did.
    3.Umbrellas: Not so easy to use on on the bicycle:) But, Bill bought a large golf umbrella to hold over me when a must-take-photo-op comes along during a rain storm. (We haven't tried it out yet.)
    4.Hail: I'm so glad you took that picture. There was hail along Denman the other day, but none just a short distance away. It's the second hail I have encountered during my biking life, and it occurred to me helmets are multi-useful:)

    Anyhow, just to say, I continue to take great pleasure and interest in your blog. Thank you!

  2. Thank YOU, Carol. You’re a busy lady and I can certainly see how commenting and even creating your own wonderful posts would be less frequent at times. But I am glad that you stopped by to read my stories. And I had to laugh about the multi-purpose bike helmet. If I had been outside yesterday morning, I would have needed one. Hopefully, this will be the last of the hail … although it makes spring interesting and it seems like the buds have all bounced back.:)


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