Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Dog's Dandelion Fetish Wilts

THE EARTH ROLLED around to another season and I’m glad to see it is Spring again, officially on March 20th. The fresh sightings of blossoms and dandelions feel like new beginnings. They also remind me of past beginnings. I remember the excitement of an adorable puppy and how he brought joy and occasional stress into our home. I was puzzled and had no idea what to do about his desire to chomp on every dandelion he came across. I thought this fetish would never end but was surprised to discover it only lasted for a couple of months. I could have saved myself the worry because it was just one of many stages we went through together that would work itself out. I suppose this is true of many passions that come and go in the circle of life.


  1. Love that picture, Penelope, and I appreciate your insight. So many of our worries are avoidable, and I need all the reminders I can get to hold that thought.

  2. So true and insightful. Lovely picture!!

  3. We're going through a "phase" with our dog right now, and I needed a reminder. Thanks, Penelope. See you soon, arriving down the street tomorrow.


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