Friday, January 29, 2010

Where'd The Snow Go

AS THE TOP PICTURE from a previous year shows, snowy winter weather has appeared in the Fraser Valley Region of BC. I'm sure it wasn't a dream. I recall shoveling several times in winters past, especially in 2008/2009 when unrelenting flakes seemed to never stop falling.

Ironically, now that the 2010 Winter Olympics are soon upon us and weather pressures are high, there has been plenty of rain but almost no snow in Vancouver or surrounding areas so far this year.

Although I was probably looking in all the wrong places ...

I recently went "puddling" in and around the Ocean Park area of Surrey in search of the fluffy stuff.

There were no sightings. I was not able to find a trace of winter white anywhere.

But since there have been many sudden snowfall surprises in the past ...

fresh flurries could make the landscape quite slippery …

frosty and chilly VERY fast!

Do YOU Believe? A lot of people are hoping it will snow in time for the games.


  1. Nice pictures. Hate the snow but love the athletes so hope it falls where it is needed. In the places you didn’t look!

  2. Penelope, who knew stair pictures could be so fascinating.

    And, do you carry the purple umbrella with you whenever you go out with your camera? I love the way it turns up here and there in your photos.

    As for snow, I feel much like Jose. It's not that I hate snow, but I can't cycle on snowy days, and I really prefer the bike to the bus. On the other hand, I know the athletes have trained long and hard, and weather disappointments would really devastate them. Like a child, there are times when I just feel things will work out as it is supposed to. I hope I'm right. Thanks for another beautiful post.

  3. Thanks for visiting, Jose. You’re so right! Snow in Surrey would not do the Olympians or the rest of us any good whatsoever ... although when it falls around the Peninsula area it is often also falling at higher elevations. :))

    Carol, thanks for dropping by and for your kind words. The umbrella is a representation (and model-in-waiting) for drawings of Penelope’s sidekick umbrella. Since the little character never goes anywhere without it, I sometimes like to include it in the pictures of places where I wander, too.


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