Monday, January 18, 2010

1001 Steps, Ocean Park, BC

WEATHER CAN CHANGE suddenly in BC. Although the wind is howling and whipping through the evergreens this early morning, the mood last Saturday was serene in Ocean Park, Surrey, where I ventured down the 1001 Steps. Not a single drop of rain squeezed out of the sky and my inner Penelope set her umbrella aside for a while near the entrance. I went 'puddling' down the stairs, admiring the contrast of lacey patterns on the leafless trees and bold lines of the wooden stairs along the way.

Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms


  1. Hi Penelope,
    I especially love the umbrella shot, and the second to last stair picture. I didn't know about 1001 steps. I guess you also climbed all the way back up again? Yes, that wind really howled night before last, didn't it? Nice to think of you blogging away in the early morning, remembering your not-a-single-drop-of-rain day.

  2. Thanks for your response! You seem to enjoy exploring different BC areas so I think you’d like visiting Ocean Park and the 1001 Steps that lead to the rocky beach below. Dogs are welcome and there aren’t really 1001 Steps, although it can sure seem like it on the way up!!


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