Monday, December 21, 2009

The Dog In A Hat

THERE IS a well-known Cat In A Hat and The Red Hat Society hats but it is a much-loved "dog in a hat" that brings back fond memories of the Christmas season.

Although I agree with those who say putting people-clothes on pets isn’t a good idea, I made an exception one year and put a festive hat on our dog, Bubbles, who has since passed away.

His photo reminds me of how a pet can make a house a home not just on special occasions but on every day of the year. While many thousands of pets are being bought in pet stores year-round, this is the season where hearts are more charitable than usual. There are thousands of discarded animals desperate for homes and waiting to be adopted and they are not necessarily in pet stores. If a live creature is something you are considering as a gift for Christmas, the BCSPCA might have exactly the pet you are looking for to bring joy into your home.

(It should be noted that buying and/or adopting a pet as a sudden emotional response to Christmas can lead to unhappy results if the idea has not been thoroughly thought through prior to the hectic season.)

Thank you, Bubbles, for all the warm and fuzzy memories. We miss you!

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  1. Oh, I miss Bubbles, too. I remember how he always used to sit on my feet. Not AT my feet, but on them. He probably did that with all visitors, but it made Auntie Kay feel special.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kay! I suspect there will be pictures of Lindy in a hat one of these days. :)


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