Monday, January 23, 2017

Powerful & Joyful Women's March, 2017, In Vancouver, British Columbia

I FOLLOWED the bobbing umbrella down the street during the Women's March in Vancouver this weekend. The weather cooperated with minimum drizzle and although the morning was chilly nothing could stifle the energy that surged through the people participating.

We marched shoulder to shoulder as the crowd kept growing.

Signage was everywhere and people proudly expressed their views.

Before we marched, speakers urged us to remain active. It was noted that although we would like to think otherwise, Canada is not immune to racism and sexism. Equality, diversity, inclusion ... these must not be empty words.

Musicians added to the upbeat feeling that hovered over the grand occasion.

Police were on hand to keep traffic flowing.

Pets also came along. Pink was the colour of the day.

Plenty of men were happy to show their support.

Some folks wore clothing exemplifying the inner spark that had been lit.

"Let their hate fuel our fire so we may burn brighter," one sign said.

These two marchers delighted everyone with their creative costumes.

A chant occasionally roared out. Passion and peace filled the air.

I was grateful to share the experience with a dear friend ...

as well over 15,000 thousand other women.

Picture takers were everywhere commemorating the historic walk.

All ages were represented.

Some didn't actually walk but rode on their parent's shoulders.

Yes, there were messages about love but a fighting spirit was present.

Women rights ARE human rights and sometimes we don't even recognize when those rights are being trampled on.

The words above are a twist on a well-known prayer. They say, "I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept."

Above is the only signage NOT appreciated. Some in Vancouver are trying to have the name removed from the building. This is where the march ended.

In a celebratory mood after the event, my friend and I went for lunch. Along the way we met local artist Chris Turo.

Here is a look at a painting he did that my friend purchased. Chris also carves lovely wooden feathers. An example can be seen HERE.

After lunch we returned near to where we started at Canada Place. The Olympic Cauldron stood virtually alone. The crowd had dispersed, the signage was gone and not a trace of litter was left behind. Along the way we discovered an alley painted beautifully in bright colours reflecting the joyfulness of our day.

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